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Senate Elections

We are now in the process of electing half of the elected Senator places on Senate (four from each faculty) to take on a four-year term from 01/10/2022 until 31/07/2026. All members of academic staff (as defined in Statutes, Section 1) shall be entitled to vote and eligible to stand for election to Senate (22.2).

There are two extra vacancies in HLS and ESE which will be for two years, taking on the remainder of the terms of elected members who stood down in August. Staff members nominating from HLS and ESE should make it clear on their nomination form if they are nominating for the two year or four year term.

In addition Members of Senate elected by the Faculties shall be elected in such a way that there will be at least one representative from the non-Streatham campuses (22.4). We therefore invite nominations from all campuses for these positions, especially those based in Truro.

The process for the elections will be as follows:


Deadline for nominations


Voting Opens


Voting Closes


Results announced


New elected Senators take office



Any member of academic staff who wishes to nominate themselves should send the following information via the Nomination Form, to by the deadline for nominations 12pm Tuesday 20 September 2022:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Faculty, Discipline and Location
  • Email address
  • Hyperlink to webpage biography
  • 200 word manifesto to be included on the voting system (nominees will not be eligible without a manifesto)
  • Part Time/Full Time

Once the nominations close, elections will be held so that all academics within a Faculty will be able to vote in their Faculty Election. Results will be announced at the end of September.

Newly elected Senators will take up their roles from 3rd October in the 2022/23 academic year and will be eligible to stand for election to become a Senate Representative on Council which will be voted upon at the start of October.

Should you have any further questions relating to the election process, then please contact the Committee Secretariat team for further information:


Senate: What it means to me

To be one of the university’s elected senators means contributing my views on some of the most important and strategic plans and decisions that shape who we are as a community of learners and researchers, with a commitment to not only to our staff and students but also to the world beyond our campus. It means being able to bring my experience of teaching and research, as well as my investment in social justice, equality, diversity and inclusion on and off campus, to bear not only on what we are and what we do but also on who we could become as a more sustainable, healthier, and more just university.

João Florêncio (Elected Senator for Humanities)