Dual Assurance and Dual Engagement

For the first time in 2007/08 various areas of the University’s business, many of which had been governed by a committee in previous years, were governed through a new mechanism known as dual assurance. As its name suggests, this model involves two people. The first of these is a member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group, who takes responsibility for the management and development of policy in a particular area of business. The second member of the dual assurance partnership is a lay member of Council, knowledgeable in the same area, who provides assurance to Council that this activity is well-managed and that decisions have been reached following due process and appropriate consultation.

For 2010/11 this model was further evolved and a new category of dual engagement established for those areas of the University’s business that are important but not core to the mission. These areas of business will continue to be supported by lay members of Council who have particular expertise to offer, but they are not required to formally assure Council.

The table below shows the areas to be governed through dual assurance and dual engagement and the Management and Lay leads in 2013/14. To find out more, contact the dual assurance/engagement co-ordinator.

Further information on Task and Finish Groups.

Guidelines for the Operation of Dual Assurance and Dual Engagement

Dual Assurance

Business AreaManagement LeadLay LeadCoordinator
Finance and Investment Director of Finance Pro-Chancellor (Finance) Sally Harrington
Research DVC (Research and Knowledge Transfer) Robin Nicholson Rhiannon Tucker
Human Resources and Health and Safety Director of Human Resources Bettina Rigg Andrew Johnson
Equality and Diversity DVC (External Affairs) Bettina Rigg Dorcas Cowan
Infrastructure and Capital Programme Director of Campus Services Peter Lacey Jean Lloyd
Environmental Sustainability DVC (External Affairs) Peter Lacey Karen Gallagher
Education DVC (Education) Sarah Buck Jo Engelbach
Internationalisation DVC (International) John Allwood Shaun Curtis
Strategic Communications and Information Technology Director of Academic Services Sally Wilcox Lynne Tucker

Dual Engagement

Business AreaManagement LeadLay LeadCoordinator
Sport and Wellness DVC (International) Nicholas Bull Phil Attwell
External Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility DVC (External Affairs) Amanda Conroy Jane Chafer
Ethics DVC (Research and Knowledge Transfer) Professor Stephen Tomlinson Gail Seymour

Advisory Boards

Business AreaManagement LeadLay AdvisorCoordinator
Arts and Culture DVC (Education) tbc Dom Jinks
Cornwall DVC (External Affairs) Judy Hargadon (Chair) Helen Wonnacott

In addition to the DA / DE portfolios, and where it has been considered that the DA/DE model is not necessary for good governance, a small number of Advisory Boards have been set up. The Cornwall Advisory Board was set up to replace Cornwall DA and the Arts & Culture Advisory Board was set up in 2012/13 to replace Arts & Culture DE.