Dual Assurance

For the first time in 2007/08 various areas of the University’s business, many of which had been governed by a committee in previous years, were governed through a new mechanism known as dual assurance. As its name suggests, this model involves two people. The first of these is a member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group, who takes responsibility for the management and development of policy in a particular area of business. The second member of the dual assurance partnership is an Independent member of Council, knowledgeable in the same area, who provides assurance to Council that this activity is well-managed and that decisions have been reached following due process and appropriate consultation.

The table below shows the areas to be governed through dual assurance and the Management and Independent leads in 2016/17. To find out more, contact the dual assurance co-ordinator.

Further information on Task and Finish Groups.

Guidelines for the Operation of Dual Assurance 

Dual Assurance

Business AreaManagement LeadIndependent LeadCoordinator
Arts and Culture Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean (College of Humanities) Nicholas Bull Hannah Rundle
Communication and Reputation Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs Jo Binding Tracey Smith
Education DVC (Education) Richard Atkins Maria Rose
Equality and Diversity Chief College Operations Officer Kiron Farooki Dorcas Cowan
Estates and Environmental Sustainability Registrar and Secretary Dr Sarah Buck Lianne Moore
Ethics DVC (Research and Impact) Clare Marx Gail Seymour
Finance and Investment Chief Financial Officer Alison Reed Sally Harrington
Global Advancement Provost Gerry Brown Rachel Winzer
Global Strategy DVC (External Engagement) Graham Cole Roscoe Hastings
Innovation and Business DVC (External Engagement) Graham Cole Roscoe Hastings
Human Resources (including Wellness) Director of Human Resources Kiron Farooki Holly Ricketts
Information Technology (including Digital)
Registrar and Secretary Richard Sargeant Rob Hart
Research and Impact DVC (Research and Impact)  Sir John O'Reilly Charlie Lane
Risk Registrar and Secretary Judy Hargadon Chris Lindsay
Sport Registrar and Secretary Nicholas Bull Alison Davidson

Advisory Panels

Business AreaManagement LeadIndependent AdvisorCoordinator
Cornwall DVC (External Affairs) Judy Hargadon (Chair) Helen Wonnacott

In addition to the Dual Assurance (DA) portfolios, and where it has been considered that the DA model is not necessary for good governance, a small number of Advisory Panels have been set up. The Cornwall Advisory Panel replaces the Cornwall Advisory Board.