The Deputy Vice Chancellors all contribute to the Senior Management Blog.

University Management Team

The University’s Management Team is led by the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, who is the chief academic and executive officer of the University. He is supported by the Provost and three Deputy Vice-Chancellors, a Chief Operating Officer, a Chief Financial Officer, the Deans of Faculties, the Deans of Colleges and the Directors of Professional Services.

An organisation chart showing the Senior Management Structure is available.

The University’s academic activity takes place within its six Colleges, each led by a Dean, who reports to the Deputy Vice-Chancellors. The University does not have subject-based faculties, but has a Taught Programmes Faculty and a Graduate Research Faculty, both led by a Dean.

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for the Professional Services, which provide central services and facilities to students, staff and other clients to support the operation of the University. Directors of Professional Services report to the Chief Operating Officer, with the exception of the Chief Financial Officer who reports directly to the Provost.