Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group



The Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group (VCEG) meets weekly during term time and advises the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to the management and strategic direction of the University. 

VCEG Terms of Reference

Under the University’s Dual Assurance system of governance, members of VCEG are responsible for the management and development of policy in key areas of University business, for which they are accountable to a lay member of Council, knowledgeable in the same area, who provides assurance to Council that this activity is well-managed.

Guidance on drafting papers

Guidance on Drafting Papers for the Vice-Chancellor's Executive Group
Equality Impact Assessment Guidance

If colleagues have a paper which requires both VCEG and Council approval, please also refer to the Timetable for the Submission and Approval of Papers for Council.

Meeting dates

Meeting Dates 2016/2017 

For any queries regarding preparing papers for VCEG, please contact Dr Victoria Alcock, Head of the Vice-Chancellor's Office who is secretary to the Group.  Any enquiries relating to VCEG business can be sent to either to or Jean Lloyd (

For colleagues

You can access more information about VCEG’s recent discussions on the VCEG updates webpage