Exetra, the recent alumni group

Why do Exetra, the recent alumni group, hold annual alumni events?

Exetra, the University of Exeter’s recent alumni group, will be holding its seventh annual Christmas Quiz this winter.

But why hold annual events? They can have a number of benefits;

Firstly it is an event which you know is likely to do well. If you find a style/format of event that appeals to alumni then repeating is a good way to ensure good attendance. In this way, it can be less risky than holding an event that you have never tried before.

Secondly, it enables people to come back if they enjoyed it the first time. For six of Exetra’s Christmas quizzes nearly 20% of people attended more than once. It also allows those people who wanted to attend the event one year, but were unable to, to come the next year.

Thirdly, it brings a feeling of tradition to a group which is hard to otherwise achieve. An event which has been running for six years creates a sense of history and heritage, even if it is not exactly the same people attending each year.  

Annual events do potentially have some pitfalls however, for example you should not become complacent with its success; the event still needs to be evaluated each year to make sure that it is relevant to its audience. This is especially important if the audience changes regularly as it does within Exetra. You should also gather and listen to feedback each year so that you can continue to improve and build your event.

Exetra’s ‘legendary’ Christmas quizzes have become very successful over the years, often bringing in the largest number of attendees of the year. This year they have expanded their venue and are hoping for the biggest turnout yet. It is therefore definitely worth considering setting up an annual or recurring event.

Date: 22 August 2018

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