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Our Employability Skills and Advice sessions meet the competency areas of the Entrecomp Framework.

Personal and Professional Development

Personal and Professional Development

Personal and Professional Development

Personal and Professional Development

Personal and Professional Development

At the Career Zone we run over twenty different workshops and webinars to help you develop your employability skills and prepare you for the graduate job market. You can attend these sessions as stand-alone sessions or as part of the Exeter Award and Exeter Leaders Award.

Skill Sessions

Skill sessions are 1.5-2 hour long interactive workshops designed to help you develop the skills required in the graduate job market.

Skill sessions that count towards the Exeter Award

If you find it difficult to achieve what you want and feel overwhelmed by the number of things you have to do, this workshop will provide some tools to help you. This session will help you to manage your time more effectively, identify stress points and ways of dealing with them.  

This workshop offers you the opportunity to consider the idea that resilience skills can be learnt over time by altering our thought processes, and how this can benefit the individual and their future working life.

With research indicating up to 70 percent of jobs aren’t advertised it’s essential to develop your networking skills. This session aims to help you learn how to build new relationships to expand your network of professional contacts both online and in person.

Negotiation is the art of getting what you want and keeping everyone else happy at the same time. This workshop will cover the skills and psychology of successful negotiating and provide you with a set of principles that will work not just between you and your house mates but in the business world too.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to consider the idea that assertiveness skills can be developed by using simple techniques, and how this can benefit the individual and their future working life.

Understanding Cultural Differences - In this workshop we will explore how cultures differ and the effect that this may have on how different people communicate. We will share and discuss examples and experiences and consider how we can communicate more effectively in an intercultural environment. You will have the opportunity to increase your self-awareness, develop a better understanding of different cultures and world views, and enhance your skills for communicating with people from diverse backgrounds

Presentation skills are vital - you probably need them at University, you definitely need them in business and they are often used as part of the selection process in the graduate jobs market. This workshop will help you plan and effectively deliver presentations in a variety of contexts.

This interactive workshop will explore the skills required for problem solving and some useful tools and strategies to help you overcome problems.

This workshop offers students the opportunity to explore the skills needed for successful collaboration and communication. We use communication skills and work in teams throughout our studies and in work, but how do we know what we are doing is effective? We will work through a series of activities to practice and develop our active listening and teamwork skills and take time to consider what is required to work collaboratively in a group.

Skill sessions that count towards the Exeter Leaders Award

After leaving University, graduates can find themselves thrown in the deep end and thrust into a supervisory role when they might have little or no prior experience of managing staff. This session offers an introduction to managing people, including some of the basic principles of performance management and a framework to help you get the best out of people.

In this workshop you will address the key issues regarding leadership and the role of the Team Leader. You will also be assisted in developing an action plan to reach your leadership potential.

This workshop will help you develop your knowledge and understanding of how to manage projects.

Change is one of the constants when it comes to the world of work, and managing it is a key skill for everyone, especially those in leadership roles. Through this interactive session you will understand what is meant by Change Management, recognise the reasons for resistance to change and learn how to cope and manage change.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to begin developing your strategic thinking skills and consider how using commercial awareness affects business decisions.

Commercial Awareness is a key attribute sought by graduate recruiters and is something that candidates need to demonstrate in recruitment processes. This interactive workshop will enable you to better understand what commercial awareness is, how you can develop it and use it to your advantage. This session will provide you with some specific lenses through which you can deepen your knowledge of organisations & industry sectors, whilst also breaking down the technical jargon and be signposted to resources to help you further. You will also look at the main ways that this skill is assessed in recruitment process.

Advice sessions

Advice sessions are hour long webinars designed for you to gain relevant information and advice on topics such as CVs and Interview Techniques.

Advice sessions that count towards the Exeter Award

This session will help you to consider the structure and content of your cover letter so that you create something that has real impact.

This session will show you how to successfully sell your skills and aptitudes, through the format of a CV.

Interviews can be nerve-racking at the best of times so what can you do to ensure success and beat those pesky nerves? This webinar will work through the basics you need to succeed including typical interview questions and how to approach them and how to tackle different interview formats.

This webinar will give you tips and advice on how to create effective application forms.

This webinar will give you tips and advice on how LinkedIn might be useful for you and how to make the most of it.

This session will give you tips and advice on how to plan and apply for internships and work experience.

Most people are now going online to look for employment. As more of us use the internet to search for new job opportunities, this has also opened the door to fraudsters. In this session we will be looking at how you can identify job scams and think about how you can protect yourself from them.

Advice sessions that count towards the Exeter Leaders Award

Whether it be for an internship scheme or a graduate role, Assessment Centres are one of the most frequently used selection tools used by recruiters to assess the suitability of large volumes of candidates for roles. This session will provide you with an excellent introduction to assessment centres.

This session will help you prepare for the types of psychometric tests you are likely to experience both on-line and at assessment centres as part of the graduate recruitment process.

Guidance sessions

Guidance sessions are usually hour long webinars designed for you to recieve guidance on topics such as Choosing a Career and Postgraduate Study.

Guidance sessions that count towards the Exeter Award

Choosing a career or even a direction to take can be tough. This webinar will provide you with an introduction as to how to go about choosing a career.

This session will explore different careers styles, provide information about different ways of working and help you evaluate whether freelance or portfolio working may suit you.

This session is a facilitated small group discussion for students who already think that they want to develop a freelance or portfolio career. You will be able to discuss your career ideas with Career Zone staff and other students and gain a deeper understanding of the next steps you can take to build your career in the style of working that you want.

It is recommended to attend the 'Ways of working: Could a Freelance or Portfolio Career be for You?' webinar before attending this session.  

Having an effective job hunting strategy is essential to finding graduate level opportunities. This session will help you to develop a graduate job seeking strategy that is right for you.

Are you thinking about undertaking Postgraduate Study?

This session will provide information on the factors you need to consider when deciding to opt for postgraduate study and ways to identify suitable postgraduate study for your future career path.

The pandemic means we are all facing challenging times, and you may feel particularly unsure about your future plans. This webinar will help you reflect on your career plans and options, whilst getting practical support and advice for how to move forward.

Considering pursuing a career in academia after graduation? This session will enable you to explore not only what it's like to be an academic, the routes to pursuing this career and what you could be doing now to enhance your chances.

This session will look at what you can do with your degree, and narrow down the wide range of options available, such as graduate jobs, internships, further study, or taking time out. The aim of the session is to give you a broad overview of how you can think about your options and employability, and how to proceed in your personal and professional development