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The Exeter Leaders Award

The Exeter Leaders Award

The Exeter Leaders Award is available in Handshake.

Visit information page in Handshake where you can sign up for the Award and find out how to complete it. Link will only work if the Exeter Award has been completed. 

Already signed up for the Exeter Leaders Award? There are now direct links to the Journeys in Handshake. Please use the browser version of Handshake to access Exeter Leaders Award Journeys. Journeys not available in the app.

For students who started the Exeter Leaders Award in My Career Zone there is information on this page.

Leadership and Achievement

The Exeter Leaders Award is an extracurricular and co-curricular award that recognises leadership roles you've undertaken during your time at the University of Exeter. It also provides a framework to help you develop as a leader. To achieve the Leaders Award you must:

  • complete the Exeter Award;
  • demonstrate leadership skills and attributes via a designated leadership role whilst a student at Exeter, this cannot be associated with a Module;
  • attend a programme of leadership development workshops;
  • complete a reflective application form;
  • deliver a presentation to a panel showing how you've developed as a leader.

Completing The Exeter Award is a pre-requisite for registering for the Exeter Leaders Award. However, there is nothing to stop you attending Leaders Award activities in readiness – they will then show as completed in your Leaders Award profile when you register. See our FAQs for more information.

Find out more about getting started and have a look at the Leaders Award structure for more information on the activities needed to complete the award.

How to achieve the Exeter Leaders Award

The only pre-requisite for taking part in the Exeter Leaders Award is that you have completed The Exeter Award.

1 Demonstrate a Leadership Activity.

Attend the following skills sessions:


Attend at least two out of the following:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Project Management
  • Understanding Assessment Centres
  • Understanding Psychometric Testing Session
  • Understanding Commercial Awareness
  • Mock Interview with Employer

Click here to book relevant events in Handshake. 

If you have participated in a course or workshop for any of these sessions outside of the Career Zone and as an extra-curricular activity, you can submit this to be reviewed using the 'Alternative Learning Activity' form.


Complete an online application form to describe and reflect your leadership role - access through your Leaders Award programme on Handshake.

We do not have a minimum word count for this task, but you should be prepared to go into detail about your leadership activity. Treat this as if it were part of the job application process and give clear, detailed answers, demonstrating a depth of understanding and reflection.

We aim to mark application forms within two weeks. Please allow at least two weeks after your form submission before contacting us to enquire about its status.

5 Plan, prepare and deliver a presentation. You will be able to view upcoming presentation dates and book a slot once your application is approved.

For more information please see:

The components set out above are to be viewed as an indication of the criteria and level of commitment required to complete The Exeter Award and Leaders Award. The University, Students' Guild and Students' Union reserve the right to change this structure in part or full at any point without prior warning.