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Support for Degree Apprenticeship students

Although there are often some noticeable differences between degree apprenticeship programmes and the University's more mainstream undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes, the Career Zone is still here to support you, and you can find out more about what we offer on the Career Zone website. That being said we acknowledge that the type of support that a degree apprenticeship student might require might be very different to a full-time undergraduate student who is at the very start of their career journey.

As degree apprenticeship students are in employment, much of the content available to our students will be less relevant to you. The Career Zone has factored this into the resources that we offer, with the below being more relevant to students and graduates who are in secured employment.

My Career Zone Digital Resources:

My Career Zone Digital also has a great number of professional development resources within its Business Skills (e.g., Communication, equality and diversity etc.) and IT Skills sections (e.g., MS Excel).

At some point within your career you may decide to look for promotion opportunities or simply expand your professional network to develop and progress your career. At this stage you may find it useful to utilise our graduate careers support and resources, which have been specifically designed for University of Exeter graduates.  Our 'Help with' pages also provide a fantastic starting point and cover a multitude of topics.