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Scan the above QR code to download the Handshake App (compatible with Apple Store and Google Play).



The Career Zone has partnered with Handshake - a modern career development platform - which joins our menu of services for students and graduates. Handshake allows students and graduates to discover employers and opportunities, submit applications, and attend career fairs and other events.  

Handshake will help you find the jobs that you're looking for and make it easy for employers to recruit you.

With a Handshake account, you will be able to:

  • Activate your account
  • Build your profile
  • Upload a CV
  • Register for Careers Fairs
  • Search and apply for jobs
  • Search and book onto events and sessions
  • Attend careers appointments virtually (and in-person)

New! You can now add an alternative (personal) email address to your Handshake account, to see how click here.

Handshake's Help Centre is a very useful for resource and should be able to resolve the majority of your issues.  Our troubleshooting page highlights some of the more common issues that students and graduates report when using Handshake.  If your question cannot be answered by the aforementioned resources, please chat to us using the pop-up below, email, or phone 01392 724493.

Activating your account

In order to activate your account, click on this link and select the Single Sign On (SSO) option (see image), then follow the onscreen instructions. This will now be accessible via the same login that you use for all of your Exeter applications.

The 10 day Handshake Challenge:

  1. Activate your profile
  2. Upload your CV
  3. Fill out job preferences
  4. Add experience to your profile
  5. Follow 5 interesting employers
  6. Fill out past courses and special skills
  7. Add a headshot
  8. Message three peers with professional experience you admire
  9. Ask a question about a company, job role, or specific opportunity
  10. Apply to 5 jobs that interest you