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Student Business Partnerships (SBPs)

(If you are an employer, please visit our SBP employer facing page)

Each year the University of Exeter assists the recruitment of ambitious students into off-campus employment. SBPs provide you with valuable paid work experience, that uses your under/graduate level skills, knowledge and experience. These internships offer a great opportunity to develop your career and can even count towards your Exeter Award.

The internships are available throughout the year. They are part-time during term-time and up to full-time hours during the Easter, Summer and Christmas vacation periods.

There is a wide range of employers, from large organisations such as Councils, the NHS and utility companies, to small and medium sized companies.

The types of internship vary, but usually cover a wide selection of roles, such as Marketing, IT, Web Development, PR, Technical or Environmental Issues, Engineering, Market Research, Business Planning, Accounts.


You must be a current University of Exeter student when you apply for a position and have student status for the duration of the internship. If you are an undergraduate your student status will expire one month after the end of your course. If you are a postgraduate student this is 6 weeks after the end of your course. For both UGs and PGs, if your graduation ceremony occurs before this period is over you automatically assume graduate status.

International students

You must have right to work in the UK and provide your visa status and explanation on your application form. When you are called to interview you will be asked to bring evidence of your right to work status.

To work in the UK you will need a National Insurance number. For more information on how to obtain one please go

PGR and GTA students

Full-time PGR students should not normally exceed 6 hours per week and in all cases must not exceed 180 hours per year averaged over the course of the academic year. Part-time PGR Students can work the maximum 15 hrs per week during term time and more during vacation, but no more than 814 hours per year. Likewise post graduate students also working as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) cannot work in total (GTA and SCP work) more than 180 hours per year.

Please download and complete the Internship Application Form for each internship, and return by email to

Please see Guidance on completing the application for tips on applying. 

Before applying to a role, it might be worth 'Googling' yourself to ensure that your online profile is just as impressive as your application form. Keep an eye out for inappropriate images and posts on social media sites and Forums.

We ask employers to pay at least National Minimum Wage. Some employers will offer more depending on market forces.

When you begin your internship please work through your Internship Induction Checklist.

You will be provided with a "How to Make the Most of Your Internship" pack to work through. We ask employers to set clear objectives for interns, and to review and evaluate your progress throughout the duration of the internship. Employers may have their own internal review procedures, or you may choose to work through the University's Internship Performance Development Review paperwork together.

Jo McCreedie, Employer Liaison Officer, is available to support you and the employer with an issue throughout your internship. You can make appointments to see Jo by calling the Career Zone on 01392 724493 or by popping in to see them.

If you are a student from the Penryn Campus, in Cornwall, please contact Josie Turner by emailing

If you need to drive to travel to work, the University advocates using car share schemes. Click the following links to find information on: University car sharingCar Share Devon and Car Share Somerset.

Do you need some accommodation in Exeter while you complete your internship? The University can offer en-suite accommodation over summer. For more information, please visit our Accommodation website. You can also find reasonably priced rooms and flats on Zoopla ; Spare RoomsRightmove and Gumtree. If you want advice on their areas you are looking at, just get in touch.

Every quarter we take one intern to the Business Leaders Forum. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to network with senior professionals from the local business community, and represent all that is best about the University’s internships schemes. To book a place, please email Jo McCreedie.

A requirement of the internships is that you have to complete the Internship Evaluation (Intern) Form and also encourage your line manager  to complete the Internship Evaluation (Employer) Form

You may even wish to blog about your experiences. Click here to read what others have written. To submit your blog please email Jenny Woolacott-Scarr.





Placement Provision

  • Provide the placement described in the job advert, including job description; working hours; remuneration; holiday allowance; benefits; absence pay; flexible working arrangements; and pension scheme if applicable.

  • Provide a Contract of Employment

  • Pay Tax and National Insurance contributions to HMRC for the student, as your employee.

  • Before undertaking the role the Student will be notified of all policies, rules and procedures operated by the Company and shall (if required by the Student and/or University) undertake such training with the Student as is required to ensure that the Student is able to comply with such policies, rules and procedures.

  • SMART objectives will be set, reviewed and evaluated throughout the placement.

  • Provide the facilities and equipment needed to enable the Student to undertake the job.

  • Comply with anti-discrimination law and promotes equal opportunity within the Company; including to interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for the job vacancy and consider them on their abilities.

Health and Safety

  • Accepts responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of the Student and will provide the Student with a health and safety briefing and any necessary training, a copy of any health and safety policy or guidance, and any necessary protective clothing or equipment at the commencement of the Placement.

  • Notify University of any issues of a disciplinary, health and safety, or other nature arising in respect of the Student and/or the Placement;


Training and Support

  • Ensure that the Line Manager is generally available to support Student during the Placement, to deal with any concerns and/or enquiries that the Student may have in respect of the Placement.

  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Student has is adequate guidance and supervision during the Placement.

Insurance and Liability

  • That it holds adequate Employer’s Liability and Public Liability and where necessary Public Liability insurance to cover the Graduate and any potential loss or liability, and will provide a copy of the insurance policy on request to the University.

  • Will not require the Graduate to partake in any activity that will not be covered by Employer’s Liability, Public Liability and /or Public Liability insurance.

  • The Company will be entirely responsible for the use to which it puts the Student’s contributions, any information or material created by the Student, during the Placement.

  • The Company shall (during and after termination of the Placement) indemnify and its contractual partners against all losses, claims, damages, costs, and expenses and any other liabilities arising directly or indirectly as a result of or in connection with any act or omission of the Student or the Company whilst participating in this Placement, and against all damages, losses, costs and expenses for which the University may be liable as a result of death/bodily injury to the Student or any other person and/or damage to property arising out of any negligent act or omission of the Company, its servants and agents.


Confidentiality and Data Protection

·         Keep any personal data on the Student disclosed to it secure, and only use it for the purposes of administering the Placement.

  • Define to the Student the information it considers to be confidential upon the disclosure of that information (“Confidential Information”)

  • Shall notify the Student of the ongoing duty of confidentiality at the end of Placement appraisal



  • Shall pay the agreed wage in full, on an agreed regular payday i.e. monthly or weekly.

  • Will pay the on-costs to HMRC.

  • If the student is working for the Company over a year, the company will agree to review the student’s pay, taking into account any rise in the cost of living.

  • The Company will pay for the Student’s travel, subsistence and expenses wholly, exclusive and necessarily incurred in the course of the Company’s business.



  • Provide University with a evaluation report or case study form, providing a general overview of the work undertaken by the Student during the Placement and any concerns and/or praise as to the Student and their standard of work and/or knowledge, at the end of the Placement.

  • See All Partners’ Obligations below





Placement Provision

  • Use his/her best endeavours to achieve the Placement objectives, take responsibility for his/her work.

  • Follow the policies, rules and procedures operated by the Company.

  • Not do anything, which may bring the University and/or the Company into disrepute.

  • Keep the University contact (Employer Liaison Officer) informed of any changes or issues with the Placement.

  • Only use facilities and equipment (including computer equipment) that are provided specifically for carrying out the Placement by the Company.


Health and Safety

  • Notify the University and the Company in advance of any matter, which is likely to affect him/her and the undertaking of the Placement including any special health or medical requirements.

  • Take care of his/her own health and safety and that of his colleagues during the Placement.


Training and Support

  • The Student read the “How to Get the Most Out of Your Placement” Pack provided by Employment Services.


Insurance and Liability

  • The Students has or will arrange adequate motor insurance for travel during work hours.


Confidentiality and Data Protection

  • Agrees that the Company and University are authorised to disclose to each other any information, including sensitive personal data, for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, relating to the his/her participation in the Placement

  • Maintain the Confidential Information in strict confidence and, save as provided herein, will not disclose Confidential Information to any third party.

  • Will not use, except for the purpose for which it was intended, any Confidential Information which comes into their possession, custody or control, concerning the Company. 



  • Acknowledges and accepts that s/he will duly pay the tax and national insurance contributions, which are due, whether in the United Kingdom in relation to the payments to be made to him/her by the University.



  • Complete the either the Evaluation Form or Case Study Form at the end of the Placement.

  • See All Partners obligations below





Placement Provision

  • If requested or deemed necessary, University’s Employer Liaison Officer, will visit the Company during the Placement (at times and dates to be agreed between the Parties) to monitor and evaluate the Placement (particularly in terms of the Student’s health, safety and welfare) and the Student’s progress. The University will, upon request, provide a copy of any subsequent report to the Company and/or the Student.

  • Deal with all concerns, problems and complaints raised by the Company and/or the Student in respect of the Placement in a prompt manner.


Training and Support

  • Provide the Student with “Get the Most Out of your Placement” pack.

  • The Employer Liaison Officer is available to provide support to the Graduate, on request, to support the success of the Placement.

  • The Employer Liaison Officer is available to provide support to the Company, on request, to support the success of the Placement.


Insurance and Liability

  • The University shall not be liable to the Company, Student or any third party for any damage or loss, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation which arise out of the Student’s or Company’s participation in this Placement scheme, including without limitation any liability for the provision of adequate health and safety instruction, equipment and supervision

  • No warranty condition or representation of any kind is made, given or to be implied as to the

sufficiency, accuracy or fitness for purpose of any information or materials that the University

contributes to the Placement or to any information or material created by the Student during

the Placement. The Company will be entirely responsible for the use to which it puts such information and materials.

  • If the Student shall cease to participate in the Placement (for whatever reason),the Employment Services shall not be required to provide a replacement or reimburse the management fees.

  • If the Student shall cease to participate in the Placement (for whatever reason),the University shall not be required to provide a replacement or reimburse the management fees


Confidentiality and Data Protection

  • Employment Services will keep any personal data on the Student disclosed to it secure, and only use it for the purposes of administering the Placement.

  • The University shall not be liable for any breach of confidentiality by the Graduate arising from the Placement.



  • See All Partners Obligations below








Intellectual Property:

  • If the Student feels that he/she has in the course of the Placement created or designed anything that is truly novel or original that is being or may be put to use by the Company, or that he/she has made any other outstanding contribution or achievement, he/she shall point this out to the Company and the University as soon as possible.

  • If the Student has not been rewarded (or feels insufficiently rewarded) by the Company, he/she may involve the University who may, upon their decision, contact the Company on his/her behalf to further the negotiations.

  • The University will assist, where necessary, in the furtherance of negotiating a suitable reward for the Student.

  • In the course of the Placement, the Student shall use his/her best endeavours not to do any act, or omit to do any act, (including, but not limited to, infringements of registered and/or unregistered trademarks; copyright; patents; registered designs; unregistered design rights), which would: infringe any such intellectual property rights owned by a third party; or jeopardise the validity of any intellectual property rights, or applications for registration of such rights, owned by the Company; or expose the Company to any claims of infringement by a third party.


Termination, Notice Period or Extension

  • The Company shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement at anytime on giving notice in writing to the Student and University, if the Student and/or the University are in material breach of any of its obligations under this Agreement and such breach is (if capable) not remedied within the notice period (1 week, within the first month; 2 weeks between 1-5 months; 1 month between 6-12 month). Any notice of termination pursuant to this clause must set out the reasons for such termination.

  • The University shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement forthwith if the Student and/or the Company are in material breach of their obligations hereunder and such breach is (if capable) not remedied within the notice period of the party in breach receiving notice from The University to remedy the same.

  • The Student shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement forthwith if the Company and/or The University is in material breach of its obligations hereunder and such breach is (if capable) not remedied within the notice period of the Party in breach receiving notice from the Student to remedy the same.

  • In the event of termination for any reason, any outstanding payments for work already carried out, non-refundable expenses or charges already incurred shall remain payable.

  • If the Company wishes to extend the Placement, this will be a matter for negotiation between the Student and the Company. The terms should be detailed in an offer letter and a copy of this should be sent to the University.

  • The Agreement shall terminate automatically:

-at the end of the Placement Period;

- if the Company should enter into liquidation, administration and/or administrative receivership.

- Should the Company or the Student wish to terminate the Placement for any reason, notice period required is 1 week in first month; 2 weeks in months 2-5; 4 weeks in 6-12 months. The University must be notified of this.


Limitation of Liability

  • Nothing in this clause or otherwise contained in this Agreement shall exclude, restrict or limit the liability of any party for death or personal injury caused by that party’s negligence or for fraud.

  • No party shall be deemed to be in default under this Agreement if it is unable to perform all or any of its obligations under this Agreement by reason of force majeure, Act of God or the death, illness or incapacity of any employee of the party in question.



This Agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts





Further information

For further information, please contact Employment Services:

Tel: 01392 722395