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University brand

Barisca is the University of Exeter's own coffee brand, designed with care by the Catering and Retail Team.

Fully accessible outlet.

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Market Place Birks Grange

Open every weekday all year (see opening times for full details). Located at Birks Grange Village (#66 on Campus Map)

The Market Place Birks Grange shop is packed with a range of general and seasonal items including:
  • Sweet and savoury baked goods
  • Drinks, sandwiches and snacks
  • Groceries - fresh, tinned and packets
  • International range
  • Stationery, greeting cards and stamps
  • Cleaning products and toiletries

Did you know?

The rules on VAT mean that students are exempt from paying VAT on hot food, which is why there are separate prices for students and non-students. The University is therefore not offering a discount to students that they are not offering to staff, but simply following the VAT rules in not charging students VAT on hot food.

Meal Deal

The meal deal operates in all our Market Place shops, offering:

  • A sandwich
  • Crisps, popcorn or fruit
  • A 500ml drink