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LGBTQ+ History Month 2022



LGBTQ+ History Month celebrates annually, throughout the month of February, to provide education and awareness of the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community and works to combat prejudice against it.

Since 2005 it has taken place on February in the UK and observes lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer history and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements.

For LGBTQ+ History Month 2022 the theme is Politics In Art.

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LGBTQ+ Staff Network, Pride Society and LGBTQ+ Society Statement

The theme for this year’s LGBTQ+ History Month is ‘Politics in Art’. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the first UK Pride March in 1972. The LGBTQ+ community has a long and rich history of using art to speak our political (and politicised) truths. When you think of politics in art, you may think of the signs held at these protests, endorsing equality and solidarity, be they 50 years ago or today, in this country or in others. You may think of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, of Untitled (Perfect Lovers), or of the photo of David Kirby in hospital. You may think of Jean-Michel Basquiat criticising colonialism and classism with visual poetry, or of Keith Haring’s radically joyous art that still criticised AIDS, apartheid, environmentalism, and inequality under capitalism. You may think of artists who were out while they created their art, or those who were not or could not be – and find defiance, pride, complexity, anxiety, secrecy, and joy bound up in their works, whether they were explicit or not. You may think of art from days gone by, or the new frontiers of art being explored today. You may think about the politics of art: the burden of representation, the extent of the ‘death of the author’ and whose stories get told, when, who by, and which parts of stories are showcased, and which are expendable.

There are many ways for art to be considered political, especially where, for many, even the most private or intimate experiences are politicised by homophobia and transphobia, or other forms of oppression. There is art that is not necessarily directly LGBTQ+ at all, but which speaks to us anyway, as with the Out and About: Queering the Museum project by the RAMM, which encourages LGBTQ+ people to uncover and create LGBTQ+ heritage at the RAMM.  Art can take almost limitless forms and shows up all around us. It can be old or new, and meaning can be direct, indirect, intentional or something we find resonates in ourselves as people experiencing it. Art touching on LGBTQ+ lives or experiences at all is still considered political in a world that is not yet equal, and there is a powerful politics in writing and expressing LGBTQ+ lives as liveable, joyous and rich. Art can be what Laverne Cox calls a ‘possibility model’, that is, something that allows you to see that a life like yours is viable. Art can also be a way of expressing the nuances and complexities of LGBTQ+ life even where they are difficult, messy, complicated, non-linear, or imperfect and allowing these nuances a time in the light. There is often a pressure on LGBTQ+ people to present their stories in a way that is digestible, easy to understand, easy to accept, to shrink our humanity and depth and breadth of our experiences into something educational, scandalous, easy to accept or otherwise marketable.

There are many ways that art can be political, and a vast number of ways that art can resonate with us. Art allows us to feel the ripples of our history, in all its variety and breadth. It connects our community across time and space and is something we are in constant dialogue with. Art can shape us as much as we shape it, and we are pleased to celebrate the importance of art and its accompanying politics this history month. We hope that the month allows us to reflect on art as a political platform whether in a bold, obvious way or quieter, and allows us to connect with the politics, fun and creativity of our community both now and in the past. We hope that it encourages LGBTQ+ people to create now.


Signed LGBTQ+ Staff NetworkPride Society and LGBTQ+ Society

LGBTQ+ History Month 2022 Submissions

This LGBTQ+ History Month, we would love for everyone to take an opportunity to reflect on the art that has been important, engaging, and political to their mind, especially as it relates to LGBTQ+ areas. We are collecting recommendations and would love to hear why a certain art piece - whether it is a book, film, song, picture, play, dance, or any other work of art - speaks to you in political ways. It can be explicit or implicit, joyous, or sad, simple, or complicated, ‘high’ or ‘low’ brow, old or new. It can speak to you in ways that feel broad and widely applicable, or it can feel deeply personal.

We are collecting responses to put into a small suggestion library to showcase the variety of political art people are celebrating this LGBTQ+ History Month and pass that love forwards to other people. Submit your recommendation(s) and thoughts here and check back to see what others have come forward with.

For full details of events, resources and support being promoted for LGBTQ+ History Month, please click on the tabs below

Week commencing 31 January 2022

Shon Faye in conversation with Christine Burns

Tuesday 01 February 2022 (17:00 – 19:00 GMT)

Where next? Shon Faye and Christine Burns explore ways forward for trans rights in the UK following the release of The Transgender Issue

The University of Cambridge Students Union LGBT Campaign and multidisciplinary network for LGBTQ+ research, lgbtQ+@cam, are delighted to host writer and presenter Shon Faye in conversation with celebrated civil rights and equality campaigner Christine Burns MBE to explore what what lies ahead following the release of Ms Faye's book, The Transgender Issue, in September 2021.

To register for the event click HERE


The Beat of Our Hearts

Thursday 03 February - Saturday 05 February 2022 (Various performances)

Join Valentine, Luca, Dove and Quill as they each share their own personal experiences of struggle and acceptance, friendship and isolation, despair and irrevocable hope.

A tender and poignant exploration of loneliness and belonging, The Beat of Our Hearts is a unique theatrical celebration of unheard voices and previously untold stories of LGBTQIA+ people, from South West-based playwright Natalie McGrath.

Developed in partnership with the University of Exeter Wellcome Centre and the Intercom Trust, and produced by Exeter Northcott Theatre, with support from the UK Research and Innovation’s Arts and Humanities Research Council and Arts Council England.

To register for the event click HERE


Brief Encounters 25 Years of Writing Histories of Gay Men

Thursday 03 February 2022 (18:30 – 19:30 GMT)

An illustrated talk by historian Stephen Bourne.

Back by popular demand, Stephen Bourne presents an informative and engaging overview of his work as a historian of gay men’s lives.

Stephen Bourne has been writing about gay culture for 25 years. His books include Brief Encounters (1996), a survey of lesbians and gays in British cinema; the acclaimed Fighting Proud (2017), which focusses on gay men’s lives in the two world wars; and Playing Gay in the Golden Age of British Television (2019), which Russell T Davies describes as a ‘masterpiece’. 

To register for the event click HERE

Week commencing 07 February 2022

Queer Objects & Comics

Tuesday 08 February 2022 (18:00 – 20:00 GMT)

This interactive and creative heritage session is open to anyone that wants to learn more about queer heritage and/or anyone who is interested in creative writing which explores identities.

Creative writer, Dr Tawnya Selene Renelle, and Paul Bristow, Director and Creative Producer of Magic Torch Comics, will lead an experimental writing experience where participants will be taken on a journey through queer heritage and identity. The stories, drawings, and texts that are created during the evening will be turned into a mini comic book.

To register for the event click HERE


Shon Faye - Live in conversation

Wednesday 09 February 2022 (18:00 – 19:30 GMT)

Arranging and funding this event was a collaborative effort, a partnership between Exeter UNESCO City of Literature, Exeter Decolonising Network, Exeter College, Exeter Trans and Non-binary Café, Bookbag, Intercom Trust, Rethinking Sexology and the Students’ Guild at University of Exeter.

Shon Faye, author of bestselling The Transgender Issue, is in Exeter for an evening of conversation with Exeter Trans & Non-Binary Café.

A smart, powerful and inspiring speaker, Faye will be discussing why her book is a mandate for change, and how new, healthier conversation about trans life offer the possibility of a more just, free and joyful world for us all.

After the talk, Shon will be signing copies of the book, available to pre order or buy on the night, at a special price.

To register for the event click HERE


University of Edinburgh - LGBT Month event

Wednesday 09 February 2022 (17:00 – 18:30 GMT)

From the 1969 Stonewall Riots to Lesbian & Gays Support the Miners Group: a history or revolt, defiance and solidarity.

The London Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) group was formed in July 1984, four months into the year-long miners’ strike of 1984-5. Founding members Mike Jackson and Mark Ashton had organised a bucket collection to support the striking miners on the June 1984 London Pride march and decided that more needed to be done to raise awareness of the miners’ cause in the London lesbian and gay community. Eleven people attended that first meeting and over sixty people were involved in LGSM by the end of the strike in March 1985. LGSM groups were also formed in ten other towns and cities across the UK, among them Manchester, Brighton, Southampton and Lothian. A Dublin LGSM group was also formed. The LGSM story is told in the 2014 film Pride, and the group reformed in October 2014 to respond to the new wave of interest in this story.

Come and hear stories about this incredible history of activism, defiance and solidarity.

To register for the event click HERE


Writing Workshop with Shon Faye

Thursday 10 February 2022 (10:30 – 12:30 GMT)

Arranging and funding this event was a collaborative effort, a partnership between Exeter UNESCO City of LiteratureExeter Decolonising NetworkExeter CollegeExeter Trans and Non-binary CaféBookbagIntercom TrustRethinking Sexology and the Students’ Guild at University of Exeter.

We are thrilled to be hosting acclaimed author and activist Shon Faye for a writing workshop, open to local LGBTQ+ young people (age 16-25). During this two-hour session you will explore different types of writing by trans authors, as well as developing your own work in dialogue with Shon and the other participants. You are also invited to bring examples of writing that inspires, provokes or grounds you, for sharing with the group if you wish. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from and create with one of the most vital voices on trans politics in the UK!

To register for the event click HERE

Week commencing 14 February 2022

Julia Serano: Transmisogyny and its Manifestations

Monday 14 February 2022 (17:00 – 18:00 GMT)

Transfeminist scholar and writer Julia Serano talks transmisogyny - what it is, how she came to write about it, and how it manifests.

The University of Exeter Trans and Non-Binary Cafe and LGBTQ+ Staff Network, (with support from the Provost Commission) are delighted to welcome biologist, performer, and leading transfeminist thinker Julia Serano for an online talk and Q+A.

The event will focus on 'transmisogyny', that is, the complex interplay and intersection of transphobia and misogyny (yet distinct from either in isolation) that trans women and other transfeminine people are faced with.

To register for the event click HERE


RAAM LGBTQ+ Art Installation

Monday 14 February 2022 (TBC)

Further details to follow soon


Outrageous! The story of Section 28 with author Paul Baker

Thursday 17 February 2022 (19:00 - 20:00 GMT) Also being shown on Monday 28 February 2022

From the author of the bestselling Fabulosa! comes Outrageous! The Story of Section 28 and Britain’s Battle for LGBT Education.

On 23 May 1988, Paul Baker sat down with his family to eat cake on his sixteenth birthday while The Six O'Clock News played in the background. But something was not quite right. There was muffled shouting - 'Stop Section 28!' - and a scuffle. The morning papers would announce: 'Beeb Man Sits on Lesbian'.

The next day Section 28 passed into law, forbidding local authorities from teaching 'the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship'. It would send shockwaves through British society, silencing gay pupils and teachers while galvanizing mass protests and the formation of the LGBTQ+ rights groups OutRage! and Stonewall.

Outrageous! tells the full story, join Paul to discuss his latest book.

To register for the event click HERE

Week commencing 21 February 2022

Intercom Trust - Gender Variance in history and culture

Monday 21 February 2022 (18:00 – 20:00 GMT)

A seminar on 5000+ years of recorded gender history and variance.

Explore and reflect upon Gender Diversity from a global perspective.

Connect colonialism, cultural identities, patriarchy, misogyny and legislation with transphobia and current issues.

Increase your ability to talk about trans identities and history to be better able to support people in feeling less alone and more connected with a rich cultural heritage.

To register for the event click HERE


Exeter Phoenix - LAVENDER + Q&A

Wednesday 23 February 2022 (17:50 GMT)

A crude and chaotic history lesson into the lives of two young queers. Lavender is a new play rooted in memories of a South West childhood. Characters Lucy and Nancy are down-to-earth, despicable, and completely familiar. Conceived by a Torbay-based writer, this story seeks to protect LGBTQ+ histories both personal and political.

To register for the event click HERE


M Shed, Bristol Museums - LGBTQ+ History Month: Girls on stage

Thursday 24 February 2022 (19:00 – 20:00 GMT)

From Classical Greece through to Shakespeare and beyond, restrictions on women appearing in the theatre have resulted in men taking female parts in plays.

What did this cross-dressing mean to those who performed these roles, and to those who watched them. Has the theatre always been gay? Or trans?

Cheryl Morgan takes us on a tour of some of the queerest moments of theatre, including some of the latest research about the people who played female roles for Shakespeare.

To register for the event click HERE


Bisexuality: Representation, Validation, and the Lived Experience

Friday 25 February 2022 (13:00 – 14:00 GMT)

This panel discussion celebrates the experience and expression of bisexuality. #DMUpride

This panel discussion celebrates the experience and expression of bisexuality. Moving beyond limiting notions of 'part heterosexual, part homosexual' as the normative conceptualisation of bisexuality, this event seeks to understand how bisexuals understand their sense of self and how we might better represent this in popular culture.

To register for the event click HERE


Inspiring Women Network, Truro - Film and Food Night: PRIDE

Saturday 26 February 2022 (18:00 - 22:00 GMT)

Free film screening of the British comedy-drama PRIDE, which tells the true story of how the group 'Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners' helped raise money for a Welsh Mining town during the year long miners' strike of 1984. Food served from 18:00, film starts at 19:30.

To register for the event click HERE

Week commencing 28 February 2022

PRISM Speakers for LGBTQ+ History Month

Monday 28 February 2022 (18:30 – 21:00 GMT)

PRISM's Speakers series returns with talks on "Biosciences beyond the binary" and "Transitions in science: phase and gender".

PRISM Exeter's Speakers series returns for LGBTQ+ History Month 2022 with talks from Dr Charlie Wand and Dr Robert Ellis.

Charlie will talk about his experiences in STEMM* as a member of the LGBTQIA+** community and provide tantalising insights into his field of research. Robert will provide this year's Allyship talk and take you on a tour through the full spectrum of sex across non-human biology and the importance of disaggregating for sex and gender in data.

To register for the event click HERE


Outrageous! The story of Section 28 with author Paul Baker

Monday 28 February 2022 (19:00 - 20:00 GMT)

From the author of the bestselling Fabulosa! comes Outrageous! The Story of Section 28 and Britain’s Battle for LGBT Education.

On 23 May 1988, Paul Baker sat down with his family to eat cake on his sixteenth birthday while The Six O'Clock News played in the background. But something was not quite right. There was muffled shouting - 'Stop Section 28!' - and a scuffle. The morning papers would announce: 'Beeb Man Sits on Lesbian'.

The next day Section 28 passed into law, forbidding local authorities from teaching 'the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship'. It would send shockwaves through British society, silencing gay pupils and teachers while galvanizing mass protests and the formation of the LGBTQ+ rights groups OutRage! and Stonewall.

Outrageous! tells the full story, join Paul to discuss his latest book.

To register for the event click HERE

Events not specific to LGBTQ+ History Month 2022

Exeter RAAM and University of Exeter - Queer Collectors’ Case

Now open

LGBTQ+ people were invited to ‘donate’ meaningful objects to the virtual showcase as part of ‘Out and About: Queering the Museum’, a National Lottery Heritage-funded project to reveal and celebrate LGBTQ+ heritage embedded in the rich collections at the RAMM.

Project leads Exeter University’s Professor Jana Funke and socially-engaged writer Natalie McGrath asked LGBTQ+ people to submit a picture, video and/or description of a queer object from home to become part of a digital collectors’ case. These objects all mean something to the LGBTQ+ collectors – some of the objects are intimate and personal, offering affirmative insights into queer and trans lives and experiences. A selection of these donations have now been displayed in an online digital showcase on the RAMM website.

Out and About: Queer Collectors Case can be viewed at

More information on Out and About, as well as the full list of donated objects, can be found at


Kresen Kernow - LGBTQ+ History Month

1 - 26 Feb 2022, 9:30 - 16:00 Tues - Thurs and Saturday

Kresen Kernow, home of Cornwall's archives, are celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month with a small display of Outback newsletters and digital archives from Cornwall's first Pride parade and festival in 2008. For more information and to visit the display, please visit the Kresen Kernow website HERE


Vocal Presence Rehearsal

Hosted by Transparent Presence, every Wednesday evening (19:30 - 21:30 GMT) 

Transparent Presence run a weekly LGBTQIA+ inclusive choir at Trelander and St Clements Community Hall in Truro, Cornwall and run a social support group every first Monday of the month. For more information, please visit the Transparent Presence Facebook page HERE


How to be a Trans Ally (with Not Alone)

Thursday 24 March 2022 (19:00 - 21:00 GMT)

The University of Plymouth is a proud, long-term sponsor of Not Alone Plymouth and to celebrate their 5th anniversary all are welcome to attend this free online learning event organised by the LGBT+ Staff Forum and Not Alone Plymouth.

This special online learning event will bring together members of Not Alone to give you first-hand accounts of life as a trans person today and provide you with the practical tools to be a better trans ally. You will learn about trans history, myths about trans people and how your allyship can make a difference. This event is open to University staff, students and our local community.

To register and find out more about the event click HERE


LGBT+ Earth Day

Friday 22 April 2022 (18:00 - 20:30 GMT)

The University of Plymouth LGBT+ Staff Forum, Sustainability Hub and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team are delighted to present our first LGBT+ Earth Day at the University of Plymouth. Join us at this special event to hear from and local LGBT+ scientists on how their work is combating the environmental issues facing the world today.

To register and find out more about the event click HERE


Time to Tackle LGBT+phobia

Wednesday 18 May 2022 (17:00 - 20:30 GMT)

In partnership with the University of Plymouth LGBT+ Staff Forum and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team, Plymouth Argyle Pride and the Westcountry Wasps RFC will be marking the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) in 2022.

This special community event will bring all four groups together to discuss LGBT+phobia and how we can tackle it as well as the offer the chance to take part in activities on and off the pitch and meet new LGBT+ people and LGBT+ allies.

It will take place in the new Central Park Community Sports Hub, situated in the heart of Plymouth's Central Park and all are welcome but tickets are limited so register today!

To register and find out more about the event click HERE

Intercom Trust

Intercom Trust is a lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans+ charity in Cornwall, Devon, and the wider South West. Our offices are in Exeter, Truro and Plymouth.

Over the past 25 years, Intercom's services have adapted to the changing social and economic climate, and throughout this time Intercom has steadily grown to meet its increasing demands. Our dedicated team continue to deliver high-quality services across the South West to meet the changing needs of our LGBT+ communities.

Face to face, support and advocacy has grown, to provide people with much-needed services, including therapeutic counselling and a diverse range of support groups.

We have developed well respected and CPD accredited training packages (both face to face and online). We have also run a number of conferences on topics such as Hate Crime, Gender Identity, Mental Health, etc

We are making significant advances in developing cross-agency working in order to reduce health inequalities and improve service delivery across the South West. For example, we have an active working partnership with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which has the national remit for GIDS, the Gender Identity Service, which provides clinical support for under-18s living with gender conflict and variance and their families. Similarly, we have developed an excellent working relationship with Plymouth University Clinical Psychology Department. This includes doctorate students joining us on placement as valued expert members of the Help, Support and Advocacy team. We also work with local police authorities to support victims of crime as well as with clinical commissioning groups and councils to help people with mental health and/or social care needs.

Our ground-breaking Transgender Guidance for Schools has had a positive impact within schools and many other organisations, improving educational attainment for young people and is nationally recognised by the Department of Education as best practice guidance.

We pride ourselves on being client-led and providing a bespoke service to each client – one size does not fit all.

Through our years of experience, we have learnt to recognise and understand the diverse and complex range of issues that our communities are affected by, and our service has developed and evolved to reflect this.

We recognise the importance to people of having a local LGBT+ organisation that understands the unique challenges and isolation that LGBT+ people can feel when living in rural areas such as the South West.

We have over the years established an excellent working relationship with the statutory sector, social care, mental health provision, the police, probation and schools – all of whom comment on the fact that we are a highly skilled and valuable resource to them, as well as a ‘critical friend’ when need be, due to our continued professional development as an agency over the last 25 years.

We have continuously provided local LGBT+ people with a service they know they can rely on and trust, and a service that can give them a range of specialist support. We have a presence at each Pride event throughout the South West, in order to reach out to the local LGBT+ communities and make them aware of the many ways in which we can help them. We manage a Directory on our website, which lists around 100 of the LGBT+ Community Groups throughout the counties we cover, which is a valuable tool for those people that are looking to make new friends and meet new people.

Our helpline and support services are in greater demand than ever from people that are often contacting us whilst in an episode of difficulty, crisis or concern in their lives. In the last full years, we worked with 1253 clients and had over 15,000 contacts. We provide a space within our premises for some LGBT+ community groups to meet - this enables groups that feel vulnerable, to meet in a safe space in which they can completely be themselves.

We have directly improved policies and procedures for many organisations, including Devon & Cornwall Police, schools, Devon & Cornwall County Councils, as well as many others. We are a member of the Equality Reference Group in Devon, giving a voice to seldom-heard communities within local government.

We have established a range of projects over the past few years we run our Gender identity Family days in PLYMOUTH, Exeter and Truro.

Our Open Project consists of two full-time schools workers covering Devon and Cornwall; we have established LGBT+ safe space schools groups in 26 of the 32 secondary schools in Cornwall and have devised training for all schools.
We are also the Southwest provider for the Rainbow Flag award a national LGBT+ inclusion certification for schools.

YAY (young and yourself) is our thriving LGBTIQA+ youth group for Cornwall.

We work closely with other LGBT+ charities throughout the UK such as Stonewall, Gallop, LGBT+ Consortium, LGBT Foundation and many more.

For more information, see

LGBTQ+ History Month 2022 Newsletter

A newsletter has been sent to all staff and students at the Unviersity of Exeter for LGBTQ+ History Month 2022.

This includes:

  • The VCs Statement to open the month
  • Our LGBTQ+ Society, Pride Society and LGBTQ+ Staff Network Statement
  • Events, and resources to watch, read, see and/or learn
  • Feature on our local LGBTQ+ support charity the Intercom Trust. 

You can read a full version of the newsletter HERE

To join or find out more about the LGBTQ+ student societies or staff network, please click below