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Trans and Non-binary Café

Trans and Non-binary Café

At the Trans and Non-binary Café we offer a chance to come together with other trans people and discuss whatever you would like. Usually at some point being trans comes up but we believe there’s great value in being with other trans people, having a chance to catch up and talk and make friends with people who share the same sorts of experiences.

Our Cafes are:

  • In an accessible, respectful and confidential space
  • Open for all, regardless of gender or age
  • With no intention of leading people to any conclusion, product or course of action
  • On a not for profit basis
  • Alongside drinks and snacks

We run a private Discord server and hold monthly in-person meetings at a wheelchair accessible location on campus. We don't share the venue or discord link publicly to protect the privacy of members but you can get these by emailing or if you are already in it, in the Discord server. 

If you are nervous of coming and would like support with it, or if you have any other questions, please do get in touch with, where someone from our small, all trans organising team will be happy to help.

We are currently securing our booking dates for 2024, and will update this page once these are confirmed. 

The remaining dates for 2023 are:


Wednesday 6th: 12:00-13:30

Saturday 23rd: 13:00-15:00

We look forward to welcoming any trans, nonbinary, intersex and/or questioning people into the events.


Trans and Non-binary Café does not gatekeep and we will never turn people away for 'not being trans enough'.

The Café is open to anyone who is:

  • Trans and/or non-binary
  • Intersex
  • Questioning
  • Feels that this is a group they belong in

Our aim is for this to be a space for our community to talk amongst ourselves without having to educate, cater to, or debate with cis people, if you want to be involved with the trans community as an ally we would love to see you at the LGBTQ+ Staff Network or LGBTQ+ Student Society

The Café is open for:

  • Staff
  • Students
  • Alumni
  • Applicants
  • Members of the wider community

We are not a support service but feel free to contact if:

  • You have questions about coming out/changing your name
  • You would like support with an issue relating to transness at the university
  • You would like to ask a question about trans inclusion

We are very happy to give University of Exeter teams updates about the café and discuss how you can be more inclusive

If you are running research or other events that involve the trans community please feel free to contact us at so we can promote