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Wellbeing Network

Hello and a warm welcome to the Wellbeing Network!

We are a social group who focuses on the positive actions and activities we can take/do to look after ourselves as best as we can, in a supportive and inclusive community.

  • Open-minded conversations about how you are really feeling and doing.
  • An opportunity for social connection.
  • A supportive environment where all feel welcome.
  • An invitation to come along to activities and socials.
  • This group is in no way to be used as a replacement for professional help – e.g. therapy, Doctors, etc.  
  • This is not group therapy, and we must all be mindful about how we speak about what we’re going through so that others will not feel overburdened.  
  • This group is not intended to be for advocacy, consultancy or policy feeding into the University – we can redirect you to the suitable spaces to do so. 

We’re hoping to launch the network itself in November and will advertise to all staff and PGRs through the Weekly Bulletin and the Doctoral College newsletter. 

If you want to add yourself to the future mailing list already, please provide your details in this brief MS Form and we’ll get in touch when we’re ready to go.