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Wellbeing Network

Hello and a warm welcome to the Wellbeing Network!

We are a social community who aim to improve our wellbeing through positive activities and open conversations about mental health.

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  • Open-minded conversations about how you are really feeling and doing.
  • An opportunity for social connection.
  • A supportive environment where all feel welcome.
  • An invitation to come along to activities and socials.
  • This group is in no way to be used as a replacement for professional help – e.g. therapy, Doctors, etc.  
  • This is not group therapy, and we must all be mindful about how we speak about what we’re going through so that others will not feel overburdened.  
  • This group is not intended to be for advocacy, consultancy or policy feeding into the University – we can redirect you to the suitable spaces to do so. 

We launched in December 2022, have over 150 members and are always keen to welcome new people into our community.

If you would like to join our Teams site and be added to our mailing list, please fill in this brief MS Form.

Dave Newport – Co-Chair
Dr Caitlin Kight – Co-Chair
Sarah Wilk - Admin Coordinator
Eliott Rooke - Admin Coordinator
Hannah Searle - Exeter Event Coordinator
Kelly Stevens - Cornwall Event Coordinator
Kirsten Whiting - Cornwall Event Coordinator
Heidi Haden - Truro Event Coordinator
Julia Mackay – Digital Coordinator

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