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Printing questions

For more information about printing, please contact Exeter IT


Exeter campuses

We’ve installed new and greener printers at Streatham and St Luke’s. Across the two sites, 200 new machines are being installed providing many benefits to staff, students and the University. You can now print your documents and collect them from any printer on campus using the "Follow Me" facility.

  • There are a number of benefits to our new fully-managed print service, some of which are outlined below:
  • More convenience - All printers accessible to staff and students. Option to save scans directly to OneDrive. For more information on OneDrive see here.
  • Increased reliability - Campus-based technicians on-hand to replace paper and ink and deal with any other problems that arise. This removes the need for you to order paper locally.
  • improved efficiency - The new machines use less power and offer significant financial savings to the University.
  • Greater control – Students will be able to check their print credit balance, top up and, for the first time, request a refund online.
  • Greener – Participating in the PrintReleaf scheme; planting trees according to our paper usage, offsetting the environmental impact for this service alongside a reduction in the power each printer uses.

Watch the video to see some of the benefits of the new Exeter printers

As part of this roll-out, the way you will access your print jobs will change. Printing will still be accessed by swiping your ID card or via your username.

Cornwall campuses

For printing at the Penryn and Truro campuses, please see FX Plus Printing webpages - 

Print Services

For high-volume printing or special orders for printing and finishing (for example: business cards, Dissertations, posters, stationery) please see Print Services.

Device monitoring

All the MFDs are monitored by Xerox remotely. They are able to tell if:

  • a machine requires toner or other consumables
  • The machine is jammed
  • The machine has a fault that requires an engineer (in 80% of cases)

Consumables such as paper and toner will be replaced by the Xerox Managed Print Team.

If the machine has a jam that you are able to clear, please do so.

Report a problem to Xerox

At Streatham and St Luke's campuses in exeter, either:

  • email the Xerox Managed Print Team at
  • call the Xerox Global Communication Centre (Helpdesk) on: 0370 850 7832

Plese remember to make a note of the serial number of the printer - this will be prominently displayed on the top or front of the machine.

At Penryn and Truro campuses, please contact the FX Plus Service Desk.

This section contains a number of PDFs which give further details or procedures for changing certain settings, or installing specific drivers for use with the Xerox print system.

Using your own laptop, mobile or tablet - Installing print drivers for Mobility Print (MOBILE_FOLLOWME)

Changing the default print settings

How to 'print to email'

PDF printing how to guide

Mac Users: Add Xerox queue on OSX UoE device

Linux Users: Add Xerox queue to Ubuntu 1904

How to 'copy'

How to 'print'

How to 'scan'

Frequently asked questions

Simply send your document to print from your desktop PC, as you normally would, to the relevant print queue. If you're using your own device you will need to install the 'MOBILE_FOLLOWME' print queue. A user guide to do this is available here.

Then go to any of the MFDs in the service and swipe your Uni card. The device will list all those of your documents it’s capable of printing (e.g. it won’t show any A3 documents if it has no A3 capability), and you can then select the document you want and click OK to print it.

In reality most people will use their nearest machine for printing most of their documents; but the option to print your work anywhere will always be available – if, for example, you need something printed for a meeting in another building. Once you’ve sent the item to print, it will print wherever you log in and release the job.

No. The document is ‘released’ to the printer you’re standing at, by the action of logging in. If someone else happens to be printing at the same machine, they’ll only see their own documents. For security, the device will log you out if there’s no activity for 30 seconds. You must log out when you have finished so that the next person using the device does not have access to your print queue.

NOTE 1: If you have selected a document for print but the device is out of paper, the previously completed job will be deleted after 15 minutes. However, the print will complete automatically if paper is restored within 15 minutes regardless of who is logged into the machine.

NOTE 2: Each device maintains a list of documents printed, and this can be accessed by any user. This list displays the title of the document and the user who printed it. If your document is of a sensitive nature, it may be advisable to choose a more obscure name for it.

The devices are the responsibility of Xerox. Because the devices are networked and managed centrally, maintenance warnings such as those for more toner or a new drum will be generated automatically, and sent to Managed Print Services by automated email.

A member of the team will come out to replenish the supplies, including paper, before levels become critical.

All print/copy costs will be monitored and each College/department will be billed centrally.

The devices are all Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) and are all duplex-enabled (i.e. double-sided printing), many have colour capability, and there are various post-print ‘finishing’ options available depending on the model – e.g. sorting, stapling, and hole-punching.

All devices have scan-to-email and scan-to-OneDrive as an option, enabling you to scan a document and send it to your own email account or OneDrive storage.

The Print Services team are available for high-volume and specialist printing and finishing, for example, business stationery, business cards, etc.

The printers in the new fleet are more energy efficient than the printers being replaced.

The Xerox devices are pre-programmed to enter stand-by mode if there has been no user activity within a given time; there remains residual power to the device of a few percent.

Stand-by mode uses less energy than the cold-start process, and is therefore ultimately more energy-efficient than powering the machine off and on.

Yes – but you need to be aware that the queues set as your PC’s default will be set to A4, black ad white, doublesided and it might not be appropriate for the document you’re currently wanting to print. If it isn’t, you will need to alter these settings.

So it's always best to check Print Preview and Printer Properties before printing, to make sure your document prints as you intended.

The most common reason for this is that there has been a temporary interruption to the network, and the device has lost its connection to the print queues.

Press the Job List button (middle button on the left of the touch-screen with a letter ‘i’ on a stack of paper), and the screen will list the jobs the device is printing.

Highlight your job and select Delete from the menu.

You will be asked to confirm deletion.

Note: If the job has already started printing, the device will continue to print what it has in its buffer, even after the job has been deleted. However, this should only be a few pages.

The staff print queue is monitored for traffic and any print jobs which are more than 72 hours are removed, simply to prevent the queue from becoming clogged with unprinted documents (some of which may have been sent in error anyway).

If you have sent some documents which have subsequently been removed, simply resend the jobs you need.