IT Modernisation Programme

The University of Exeter is in the process of migrating devices to Windows 10 and there is a project running to achieve this.

For full information please view the dedicated page Windows 10 Upgrade page.

Windows 7 support

We have procured extended support for Windows 7 until January 2021 to ensure our network and data remains stable and secure during the upgrade process. Further communication on when and how you will be upgraded to Windows 10 will follow.

To help get ready for the change to Windows 10 start moving and saving your files and photos to OneDrive now. File and folder migration will not be included as part of the change.


Access and discover your files on OneDrive

Be productive on the go with OneDrive

Share and collaborate with OneDrive


Over the summer, 200 new, greener printers have been installed across the Streatham and St Luke's campuses. You will find printers in the same locations. Amongst other new features, students are now able to credit their account, check their balance and request a refund online.

If printing from your own device (mobile, tablet or computer) download and select the Mobile_FollowMe print drivers. For students using UoE machines they need to select the Student_FollowMe option in the printer list. At the printer, swipe your ID card or use your username and password to log into a machine and collect your prints. Read more information about the new printers on our website.

As a research-intensive University, secure storage of, and access to, research data is crucial. In addition to the centralised research data storage provided by Exeter IT, storage devices are currently scattered across the campuses in offices, under desks etc, to which IT have no access, often are unaware of its existence and so struggle to support.  These risks to the valuable data and costs of this operating model are unacceptable to the University. This project will replace the existing end-of-life central platform, and will draw in the data from the remote locations. The new solution will by a hybrid of on-premise and cloud storage. The improved understanding of through-life costs will enable researchers to better compete for research bids.

Exchange of data across the University’s network underpins everything we do.  It needs to be reliable, fast and, of course, highly secure.  The network must meet today’s needs and be fully scalable to meet those of the future.  This multi-million project will, in partnership with our prime contractor Telent, replace pretty much all aspects of the existing computer network except residences.  The approach being taken is known a SDN (Software Defined Networking) which will give the team much greater ability to adapt to changing demands.

Single Sign On

The way you log in to University systems to Office 365 apps will be changing slightly.

The way in which you log in to your Office 365 applications will be changing in March 2020. You will soon see the standard Microsoft login screen rather than the existing University of Exeter bespoke screen. This will allow your identity and data to be more secure and provide for additional identity and data security capabilities to be enabled in the near future. This will include replacing the Single Sign On screen with a seamless login based on your IT account credentials.IDAM Single Sign On screenshot

Further down the line

We will be making further enhancements to the way you login to make it even more seamless and to provide extra security to your University account and access to systems and data.  Please look out for items in the Weekly Bulletin for staff, or updates for students. 

This will include replacing the Single Sign On screen with a seamless login based on your IT account credentials.

We will also be introducing a new password self-service function which will allow you to change your password if you have forgotten it without having to call the IT Helpdesk.