University of Exeter supports national pledge to end use of Non-Disclosure Agreements in Sexual Harassment cases

Professor Lisa Roberts has signed a new pledge backed by the UK government, campaigners and several other UK universities to state that the victims of sexual harassment should no longer be silenced by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). 

Bluefin tuna tagged for the first time in UK waters with acoustic ‘residency’ tags

Bluefin tuna have been tagged with state-of-the-art acoustic tracking tags for the first time in UK waters.

Trust in the UK Government, social norms, and privacy concern associated with uptake of NHS Covid-19 app, study shows

Uptake and continued use of the NHS Covid-19 app last year depended on people’s trust in the UK Government, their concern about privacy, and crucially whether other people in their social networks endorse it, a new study shows.

4°C warming by 2100 'can't be ruled out'

Global warming of 4°C by 2100 still cannot be ruled out, according to experts whose work informed a new UK government report.

US early Cold War hostility towards Chinese Communist Party due to the influence of Truman’s nationalist beliefs, new research argues

US hostility towards the Chinese Communist Party in the early years of the Cold War stemmed from the influence of President Truman’s nationalist beliefs, a new study argues.

Talent in rural areas of Cornwall “wasted” because of poor public transport and lack of internet access, study warns

The skills of talented people in living in rural Cornwall are being wasted because of poor public transport and lack of internet access, a new study warns.

One in ten people may still be infectious for COVID after ten days, new research indicates

One in 10 people may have clinically relevant levels of potentially infectious SARS-CoV-2 past the 10 day quarantine period, according to new research.

Bid to understand how bacterial defences affect the spread of 'mobile genetic elements'

A major new project will investigate how bacterial defences influence the spread of segments of DNA called mobile genetic elements (MGEs) between bacteria.

New discovery on regulation of organelle contact

A pioneering study has revealed how cellular compartments (organelles) are able to control how much they interact and cooperate.

Medieval warhorses were surprisingly small in stature, study shows

Medieval warhorses are often depicted as massive and powerful beasts, but in reality many were no more than pony-sized by modern standards, a new study shows.

Ketamine and psychological therapy helped severe alcoholics abstain for longer in trial

People with severe alcohol disorder were able to stay off alcohol for longer when they were treated with low doses of ketamine combined with psychological therapy in a clinical trial.  

New project to provide evidence on hormone therapy for transgender people

A new project will provide transgender people with evidence-based information on what to expect when undergoing gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT).

Are you Britain’s next super-matcher? Take our test to find out!

The quest to discover how some people can compare or “match” the intricate details of faces, fingerprints and even firearms only by sight has taken a new, exciting twist. 

From telegrams to Twitter – archives of letters sent to party leaders will uncover impact of political correspondence

Whether being treated like celebrities with thousands of adoring fans or being demonised by online ‘trolls’ today’s politicians receive a never-ending barrage of public communication.

New bacteria in UK waters as temperatures rise

Rising temperatures are causing a "growing diversity" of Vibrio bacteria in the sea around the UK, new research shows.

Pheasants lose their cool after fighting

Pheasants' heads cool rapidly as they prepare to fight – then heat up afterwards, new research shows.

Exeter secures significant grant to revolutionise wireless and computing technologies

The University of Exeter has received a £1.8 million research grant for a collaboration with the National Science Foundation Industry-University Cooperative Research Center for Metamaterials (CfM) 

£6 million-funded studies into Parkinson’s disease seek participants

People affected by Parkinson’s disease are being invited to take part in a series of cutting-edge trials enabled by nearly £6 million in funding to the University of Exeter.

More trusting societies have been more successful at reducing coronavirus cases and deaths

Countries where people have more trust in each other have been more successful in bringing down waves of coronavirus cases and deaths, a new study shows.

Major new study to track spread of Incel ideology online will help inform counter-extremism efforts

A major new study to track the spread of Incel ideology online will help academics and practitioners better understand the spread of extremist ideologies and aid the development of intervention measures.

Ancient DNA reveals the world’s oldest family tree

Analysis of ancient DNA from one of the best-preserved Neolithic tombs in Britain has revealed that most of the people buried there were from five continuous generations of a single extended family.

University of Exeter appoints Ash Roots as new Chief Digital Officer

Ash Roots, who was the Chief Digital Officer for the Consumer unit at BT, will join the University of Exeter as the Russell Group institution’s new Chief Digital Officer in February 2022.

Reduce frailty to lower dementia, study finds

Reducing frailty in older adults could be an effective strategy to prevent dementia, according to a largescale new study.

Skateboarding helps middle-aged people navigate depression and bond with their children, study shows

Skateboarding helps middle-aged people navigate depression and bond with their children, study shows

Wise old elephants keep the young calm

Male elephants are more aggressive when fewer older males are present, new research suggests.

Ketamine therapy swiftly reduces depression and suicidal thoughts

Ketamine therapy has a swift short-term effect on reducing symptoms of depression and suicidal thoughts, according to a review of all the available evidence.

New research moves closer to harnessing viruses to fight bacteria and reduce antibiotic use

New research has moved a step closer to harnessing viruses to fight bacterial infection, reducing the threat of antibiotic resistance.


Pioneering new technique to barcode cells

Scientists have developed a pioneering new technique to barcode individual cells more accurately and efficiently - which could help pave the way for quicker disease diagnosis. 

Pioneering new collaborative research centre a step closer with 25-year agreement

South West Water and the University of Exeter have marked major progress towards a new collaborative research centre with the signing of a 25-year partnership agreement confirming more than £20 million of funding from South West Water.

Pressure to be ‘perfect’ causes mental health issues for teenage girls, research shows

Pressure from schools and families to live up to society’s expectations of the “ideal” girl and be “good” causes mental health issues in teenage girls, a study shows.

First degree apprentices graduate from the University of Exeter

The first degree apprentices have graduated from the University of Exeter.

Mystery behind formation of surface ice-shapes on Pluto unravelled

Scientists have unravelled a fascinating new insight into how the landscape of the dwarf-planet Pluto has formed. 

Climate comedy with special appearance from “headline hottie” Planet Earth

“Hottie” Planet Earth will be making a headline appearance at a unique evening of climate comedy.

Repair cafes and “20 minute neighbourhoods” should be used to revitalise Cornish high streets

New repair cafes where people can mend and modify clothing and creating “20 minute neighbourhoods” would help to revitalise Cornish high streets, a new report says.

Unique data creates 'fair and robust' online exams

Researchers have developed a new way of reinforcing "fair and robust" online exams, a study reports.

Sir Michael Barber appointed Chancellor of the University of Exeter

A world-leading authority on education and public service delivery is to become the seventh Chancellor at the University of Exeter. 

Global Extreme Medicine expert receives honorary degree

A global expert in extreme medicine has been awarded an honorary degree.

Partnership led by University of Exeter receives funding to improve women’s safety

A partnership led by the University of Exeter has been awarded £72,565 to tackle crimes against women at night, following a successful bid for Home Office funding.

Revolutionising 3D imaging with an endoscope the width of a human hair

Scientists have developed a new form of endoscope, just a hair’s width in diameter, that could transform 3D imaging for a wide range of applications from industrial inspection to environmental monitoring, and eventually make medical imaging less uncomfortable for patients.  

Pioneering analysis of ancient food remains will show impact of migration on diet in the Roman Empire

Analysis of ancient food remains will be used to examine the impact of migration on diet during the Roman Empire as part of pioneering new research.

Coronavirus pandemic could serve as a catalyst to build better digital identity systems, study argues

The coronavirus pandemic could act as a catalyst for a qualitative leap forward in the field of digital identity, a study argues.

Exeter to play pivotal role in new research into sustainable mineral production in the Philippines

The University of Exeter has helped secure more than £3 million in funding to lead pioneering new research into sustainable mineral production in the Philippines. 

Solicitors Regulation Authority asks University of Exeter to research examination attainment gap

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has commissioned the University of Exeter’s Schools of Law and Business to look at what causes different levels of attainment for ethnic groups in professional assessments.

Report: UK professions supporting ‘laundering of money & reputations’ of post-Soviet elite

Elite individuals from post-Soviet states are laundering their wealth and reputations in the UK, knowingly and willingly supported by a network of British professions, new research claims.

“Vast increase” in resources and teacher training needed for Cornish language to be taught in schools, research shows

Offering Cornish lessons in secondary schools will only be possible if there is a “vast increase” in resources and teacher training, research shows.

Better understanding impact of shame on HIV patients can help improve healthcare, study argues

Ensuring healthcare workers better understand the psychological, social and physical impacts of shame on HIV patients will help improve their medical treatment, a study argues.

Decay on show in 'living' museum exhibit

A new exhibit in Copenhagen explores what happens when museum objects are allowed to change and decay.

Newly discovered fish songs demonstrate reef restoration success

Whoops, croaks, growls, raspberries and foghorns are among the sounds that demonstrate the success of a coral reef restoration project.

Streetwise bees cut corners to find food

Bumblebees waste no time enjoying the beauty of flowers – instead learning the bare minimum about where to land and find food, new research shows.

Pioneering stem cell research could ease global sustainable food crisis

Scientists have made a pivotal breakthrough in the quest to ease the global sustainable food crisis through pioneering stem cell research.

High-profile event showcases pivotal role Environmental Intelligence plays on road to ‘net-zero’

The pivotal role that Environmental Intelligence will play in delivering the UK’s ‘net zero’ ambitions will be showcased in a high-profile special event, later this month.

Act now to ensure animal welfare is at the heart of plans to introduce genome editing into farmed animal breeding, says independent ethics body

 The Nuffield Council on Bioethics, is calling on the Government to put animal welfare at the heart of plans to approve new breeding technologies in farming and food production, in a new report ‘Genome editing and farmed animal breeding: social and ethical issues, published today.

Exeter expert awarded prestigious Institute of Physics medal

Professor Frank Vollmer, from the University of Exeter, has been awarded the prestigious Rosalind Franklin Medal by the Institute of Physics.

Rising research star secures prestigious IoP award

One of the University of Exeter’s rising research stars has received a prestigious award from the Institute of Physics. 

Rainfall in the Arctic may soon be more common than snowfall

More rain than snow will fall in the Arctic – and this transition will occur decades earlier than previously predicted, a new study reports.

New resource launched to help people live as well as possible with dementia

The experience of thousands of people affected by dementia has fed into a new resource which aims to be a comprehensive guide to supporting people to live as well as possible with the condition.

University of Exeter carbon emissions down 19%

Carbon emissions from the University of Exeter fell by 19% in the last year.

Digital volunteers set to make big impact for the University of Exeter thanks to National Lottery funding

The University of Exeter has been awarded £63,246 of National Lottery funding to launch a digital volunteering initiative and break down barriers to heritage. 

Social media firms can tackle wildlife trade

Wildlife trading on social media is a complex issue – but tech firms can take steps to tackle it, according to new research.

Exeter’s commitment to researcher career development recognised through prestigious award

The University of Exeter’s long-term commitment to nurturing and developing the career development of its researchers has been recognised through a prestigious international award.

Exeter lab manager wins Sustainability Champion Award

A University of Exeter lab manager has been named a "Sustainability Champion" in the 2021 Green Gown Awards UK & Ireland.

Disney supports Exeter lobster conservation project

A programme to protect the Caribbean spiny lobster is being launched thanks to a $50,000 donation from the Disney Conservation Fund.

Exeter launches Green Futures Scholarships

Talented students from low-to-middle-income countries will study at the University of Exeter thanks to new Green Futures Scholarships.

“Powerful” arguments from University of Exeter experts influence Post Office scandal inquiry

“Powerful” arguments by University of Exeter experts have helped to ensure the Post Office Inquiry will consider the “human actions” which led to workers being falsely accused of theft, fraud and false accounting.

Poor sleep linked to feeling older and worse outlook on ageing, which can impact health

Poor sleep in the over 50s is linked to more negative perceptions of ageing, which in turn can impact physical, mental and cognitive health, new research has revealed.

Clearer and more accessible local information needed on how councils are addressing the climate emergency, research by University of Exeter students shows

Local authorities need to produce clearer and more accessible information on how they are addressing the climate emergency, research by University of Exeter students shows.

Exeter Data Science expert secures prestigious Downing Street Research Fellowship

A data science expert from the University of Exeter has secured a prestigious new Fellowship, designed to help shape Government policy. 

University of Exeter expert backs appeal to bring Thomas Hardy’s personal objects into the light

A University of Exeter expert is backing a Crowdfunder appeal to conserve and display a range of Thomas Hardy objects, many of which have never before been on public display.

£2 million US government funding may provide new treatment for rare genetic disease

£2 million from the US government will fund ground-breaking research to find new treatments for a rare childhood condition.

Warmer soil stores less carbon

Global warming will cause the world's soil to release carbon, new research shows.

Environmental Intelligence commitment at COP26

The Met Office and the University of Exeter have signed a landmark collaboration agreement at COP26, formally committing to further grow the work of the Joint Centre for Excellence in Environmental Intelligence

Long working hours and lone-working key factors leading to loneliness in farming, study shows

Long hours, working alone and a feeling of being undervalued and disconnected from the wider public are among the key factors which cause loneliness within the farming community, a major new study shows.

MOU will assess NHS readiness to treat addiction with ketamine-assisted therapy

A newly-signed agreement between the University of Exeter, Devon Partnership NHS Trust and Awakn Life Sciences lays down the foundations for assessing NHS readiness for ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

New study identifies thousands of novel brain-expressed gene isoforms

New research has shed light on the complexity of gene expression in the brain by characterizing the extent of isoform diversity in the cortex.

Exeter academics on list of top researchers

Twenty-two University of Exeter academics have been named on an annual list of highly cited researchers.

Exeter researchers give COP26 verdict

University of Exeter researchers have given their views on the COP26 climate change conference.

Hospitality workers speak of “moral burden” of their job on new podcast exploring struggles of pandemic working

Hospitality workers discuss the “moral burden” of their job during the pandemic on a new podcast which explores the struggles of those who worked in restaurants, pubs and fast food outlets during the health crisis.

Soldiers expressed their personality and emotions in bureaucratic battlefield World War One diaries, analysis shows

Soldiers were able to express their personality and emotions in bureaucratic World War One battlefield diaries, analysis shows.

Join interactive ramble across Exeter to explore the city’s fascinating literary history

People can join an interactive ramble across Exeter this weekend to explore the city’s fascinating literary history and connections.

Tech-based health and exercise programmes less beneficial for users with low socio-economic status, study shows

Technology-based health and exercise programmes and apps, designed to offer a convenient and accessible way to boost physical activity, are dramatically less beneficial for users with low socio-economic status, a study has shown.  

Exeter plays pivotal role in new digital hub

The University of Exeter will play a pivotal role in a pioneering new digital hub, designed to help organisations respond to the climate and environment emergency, and improve public health. 

COP26: Plastic pollution trackers released off Scotland

On the penultimate day of COP26, scientists have deployed plastic pollution tracking devices into the ocean around Scotland.

BBC propaganda broadcasts for Nazi Germany were designed to create outrage and revolutionary energy amongst women

The BBC broadcast propaganda, news and entertainment programmes into Nazi Germany designed to create fear and outrage and stir up revolutionary energy amongst women, a major new study shows.

Thousands of wounded World War One soldiers sent to see films as rehabilitation after returning from conflict, study shows

Cinemagoing was used as rehabilitation for thousands of soldiers returning from World War One, a new book shows.

Experts urge Post Office inquiry to examine 'human actions' which led to workers falsely accused of theft, fraud and false accounting

The inquiry into the Post Office scandal must examine the “human actions” which led to workers being falsely accused of theft, fraud and false accounting, experts have said.

Going to sleep at 10pm linked to lowered risk of heart disease

A new study has revealed the optimum time for going to sleep to avoid developing heart disease.

Technology, law and creative experts join forces to share experience of regulating AI and deepfakes

Technology, legal and creative experts will join forces to discuss the opportunities and challenges of regulating AI and deepfakes.

One billion face heat-stress risk from 2°C rise

The numbers of people in regions across the world affected by extreme heat stress – a potentially fatal combination of heat and humidity – could increase nearly 15-fold if the world’s temperature rise reaches 2°C.

Tributes paid after death of creator of revolutionary Exeter hip, a global success story

Heartfelt tributes are being paid to a pioneering University of Exeter engineer who co-created an implant that has revolutionised hip replacements for millions.

New recommendations for communicating climate change welcomed by IPCC senior figure

As the world keenly watches for progress at the UN climate conference, the foremost scientific authority on climate change has emphasised the critical importance of communicating science effectively.

Convex launches Seascape Survey Partnership with Blue Marine Foundation

Convex Group Limited (Convex) today announces a multi-million-dollar partnership with the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE), a charity dedicated to restoring the ocean to health, and the University of Exeter and its foremost researchers, with the launch ofthe Convex Blue Carbon Seascape Survey. 

Experts to discuss climate risk and adaptation

Climate risks and adaptation will be discussed by a panel of experts at COP26 in Glasgow.

Lack of joined-up support from education and health is harming outcomes for young people with ADHD, a new paper warns

Lack of communication between child and adult clinicians and between clinicians and those in education can lead to educational underperformance and unmet health needs for young people with ADHD, a new paper warns.

University of Exeter student honoured at National Pride of Britain awards ceremony

An inspirational University of Exeter student has been honoured at the Pride of Britain Awards after going on an epic “Tour de Full English” bike ride around the country in memory of his parents.

Green transition creates new risks and rewards

Different countries face different risks and opportunities as the world switches from fossil fuels to renewable energy, researchers say.

Global carbon emissions rebound close to pre-Covid levels

Global carbon emissions in 2021 are set to rebound close to pre-Covid levels, according to the Global Carbon Project.


Remarkable artwork depicting famine in Britain and India will help people reflect on modern day food insecurity and climate crisis

Remarkable new artwork depicting famine in Britain and India will be on show for the first time to allow communities to reflect on today’s food and environmental crisis.

Government action needed to ensure insurance against major hacking of driverless vehicles, experts warn

Government action is needed so driverless vehicles can be insured against malicious hacks which could have potentially catastrophic consequences, a study says.

Tidal stream power can aid drive for net-zero and generate 11% of UK’s electricity demand, study shows

Tidal stream power has the potential to deliver 11% of the UK’s current annual electricity and play a significant role in the government’s drive for net-zero, according to new research.  

Arts and Humanities secures top 100 position in influential rankings

The thriving international reputation and research strengths of the University of Exeter’s Arts and Humanities subjects have been recognised in the latest influential rankings. 

Cromwell struggled to control closure of the monasteries as his government lost its grip during dissolution, new book shows

Thomas Cromwell struggled to keep control of the closure of the monasteries and his government lost its grip during dissolution, a new book shows.

Peatlands can help fix our climate

Preserving and restoring peatlands can help us tackle the climate crisis, researchers say.

University of Exeter at crucial COP26 climate talks

The University of Exeter will be represented at the crucial COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow.

Scientists and industry to discuss energy transformation at COP26

Leading researchers and representatives of the energy sector will meet at COP26 to discuss transforming the energy system to help deal with climate change.

'Trade-offs' between wellbeing and resilience

There can be "trade-offs" between increasing human wellbeing and improving the resilience of societies and ecosystems, researchers say.

Exeter ranked amongst world’s most prestigious universities in latest global league table

The University of Exeter has been recognised as one of the world’s top 200 most prestigious universities in an influential league table. 

New HORIZON 2020 project aims to build an ecosystem for innovative climate change adaptation solutions

A pioneering new pan-European project, designed to develop systemic innovations for strengthening climate resilience and featuring experts from the University of Exeter, has been launched.

Scientists from Exeter and Bangkok to collaborate on a new project on floods and droughts in Thailand

The team of researchers from College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences have been awarded a new NERC grant under the COP26 Adaptation and Resilience theme.

Reviews highlight consequences of failing to tackle climate change

A set of scientific reviews published today reinforces the urgent need for global action to reduce the impact of climate change on vital carbon sinks, our oceans and the Arctic.

Poetry by leading climate scientists and health professionals warns of “last chance” to act on climate crisis ahead of COP26

Leading health professionals and climate scientists are using poetry to warn of the catastrophic impact of the climate crisis and there is “one chance left” to act in the lead up to, during, and after COP26.

Billie Eilish, Rainn Wilson and Robert Irwin join Arctic Basecamp and University of Exeter to share an urgent message with world leaders ahead of COP26

Ahead of COP26, Billie Eilish, Rainn Wilson and a whole host of famous faces have joined forces with Arctic Basecamp and the University of Exeter to share urgent messages on climate change.

Celebrate Diwali with fireworks, food, and dancing at the University of Exeter

Everyone is invited to celebrate Diwali with fireworks, food, and dancing at a special event at the University of Exeter.

New SWIoT facility officially opens

A pioneering new facility, designed to revolutionise digital technology education for the next generation of highly skilled technicians and engineers, has been officially opened. 

Sights and sounds of one of the country’s most polluted rivers on display at COP26

The sights and sounds of one of the country’s most polluted rivers will be on display through poetry and films at the COP26 conference.


App boosts Amazon tree project

A new app will help small-scale farmers grow trees and earn a living in deforested parts of the Amazon.

Visiting Lourdes results in a transcendent experience for two in five pilgrims, study finds

Two in five Pilgrims who visit Lourdes report having a transcendent experience, researchers have found.

Experts to track impact of inspirational charity connecting old and young through reading

Education experts are working to pilot the impact of an inspirational charity which connects old and young through reading.

University of Exeter joins Climate Heritage Network

The University of Exeter has joined the Climate Heritage Network (CHN).

The mystery of horse domestication decoded at last - success of modern horses due to genetic changes which led to more docile behaviour and an improved back

Modern horses owe most of their success to genetic changes which led to more docile behaviour and an improved back, a new study shows.

Tool to guide local health policy amid climate change shortlisted for COP26 Climate Challenge Cup

A simple tool to help organisations use the latest evidence to adapt to climate change in ways that benefit human health has been shortlisted for the international Climate Challenge Cup.

Portrayals of same-sex couples in Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice as “bromances” is a missed opportunity to challenge assumptions, study argues

Same-sex dancing partnerships on reality TV shows have downplayed sexual and romantic intimacy on the dancefloor in favour of portrayals of “bromances”, a study argues.

Exeter student wins prestigious national award

A student at the University of Exeter has received a prestigious national award, which recognises her as one of the ‘rising stars’ in the British space sector. 

New University of Exeter foundation programmes to widen participation in maths, engineering and physical sciences

New University of Exeter foundation programmes will boost the numbers of young people from the South West and beyond studying maths, science and engineering so they are equipped to take on the jobs of the future.

Despite the farming community facing significant mental and physical health challenges, more than 50 per cent remain optimistic about the future of their farm businesses

RABI’s Big Farming Survey results have revealed that despite the farming community facing significant mental and physical health challenges, more than 50% remain optimistic about the future of their farm businesses. 

Research on detecting cancer in primary care wins RCGP Research Paper of the Year award

University of Exeter have won the 2020 Research Paper of the Year for Clinical Research, awarded by the Royal College of General Practitioners, for their paper on detecting cancers in primary care.

University of Exeter signs agreement with city partners to drive economic and social change

The University of Exeter has signed a landmark Civic University Agreement with city partners – the first in the South-West – to improve opportunity, prosperity, wellbeing and the environment for local communities. 

Green Flag awards recognise outstanding outdoor spaces on three campuses

Three University of Exeter campuses have won a coveted Green Flag Award, in recognition of the outstanding quality of their outdoor spaces.

DNA reveals how ice ages affected African rainforests

Tree DNA has revealed how African rainforests responded to past climate change including ice ages, new research shows.

Leprosy confirmed in wild chimpanzees

Leprosy has been found in wild chimpanzees for the first time, a new study reveals.

Research brings scientists a step closer to harnessing viruses to fight antibiotic resistance

As antibiotics increasingly develop resistance, scientists have moved a step closer to harnessing viruses as an alternative form of therapy.

Rewilding efforts in England are “domesticated” and of a smaller scale compared to efforts in other nations, study argues

A unique “domesticated” form of English rewilding is now emerging, which is distinct from activities in other parts of the world where there are lower levels of human intervention, a new study argues.

Climate denial and scientific discoveries 'emerged simultaneously'

Denial of climate science emerged simultaneously with key scientific discoveries about humanity's impact on our planet, according to a new book.

Devon's Climate Assembly shows the way to a net-zero future

The Devon Climate Assembly has developed and voted in support of a range of measures that if implemented would significantly cut carbon emissions across the county.

New book provides fresh insights on dramatic Star Wars battles

People can explore epic Star Wars battles in an innovative new way through an entertaining book which gives fresh insights on the famous films, animation, books, and comics

University of Exeter expert advises on Imperial War Museums’ ground-breaking new Second World War and Holocaust exhibition

A University of Exeter expert has helped to develop the Imperial War Museums’ ground-breaking new Second World War exhibition.

Crucial benefits of vital moorland restoration works revealed

The crucial benefits of vital moorland restoration works; enhancing carbon storage, improving water storage and providing good quality water, have been revealed through a pioneering collaborative research project. 

Environmental Protection Scotland launches e-booklet for COP26 climate summit

An electronic pocket guide to the environment and sustainability has been launched today (11th Oct) with the COP26 climate change summit three weeks’ away.

Climatic impacts of black carbon aerosols over South-East Atlantic underestimated, research shows

The full magnitude of the impact of smoke from seasonal fires in Central Africa is underestimated by some climate models over the South-East Atlantic, new research has shown.  

Report calls for urgent action to address alarming lack of diversity in climate change decision making less than a month before COP26 begins

A new report has revealed extremely low levels of ethnically diverse and equal gender representation in the debate around tackling climate change in Bristol.

Exeter-led team receives national funding to roll-out innovative rehab programme

Healthcare professionals will be trained to deliver an award-winning programme, led by the University of Exeter, which supports people with heart failure to undergo cardiac rehabilitation in their own homes, thanks to funding from NHS England.

Compassionate communities key to preventing domestic abuse

New research by the Wales Violence Prevention Unit and the University of Exeter indicates people are more likely to take action against domestic abuse and its warning signs if they feel connected to their community.

Ancient Greek wisdom brought to COP26 to help improve climate change decision-making

Ancient Greek understanding of how people think will be available at the COP26 conference to help organisations make better decisions to tackle the global climate emergency.