Provost Commission

What is the Provost Commission?

In May, our Provost, Professor Janice Kay, set up a new Commission to recommend and implement new approaches, events, initiatives and policies to ensure we are an open, diverse and safe university community for all.

The Provost Commission is a group made up of students, members of the Students' Guild and FXU, and colleagues - including our Speak Out Guardians. We are also engaging with our alumni and other stakeholders and partners locally, nationally and internationally to ensure we take the right approach.

What changes are the Provost Commission introducing?

The Commission has now met twice and is exploring new ways to promote and embed inclusivity in five key areas:

Our work in this area includes:

  • new induction materials starting from September to promote inclusivity
  • training in consent and in bystander interventions
  • and a campaign which promotes our commitment to #WeAreAllExeter.

We are looking to:

  • revise equality and diversity training and guidance for our colleagues,
  • and ensure inclusivity is recognised throughout our recruitment and staff progression routes. 

We are reviewing our curriculum content to promote inclusivity, by:

  • ensuring course materials cover a diverse range of perspectives,
  • and ensuring all extra-curricular learning is open to all, including people on internships, placements and study abroad. 

We are:

  • working to create a culture where we celebrate our diversity through events such as Exeter Respect on campus,
  • reviewing our policies and practices including how we communicate,
  • and ensuring our facilities are inclusive.

We need to understand more about the experiences of our students and colleagues.

  • We have already implemented new anonymous and informal tools for reporting instances of harassment or discrimination which are available online.
  • We will also review what our current data tells us about inclusivity and equality.

This page will be updated after each meeting as the work of the Provost Commission develops.

How can I get involved?

Changing our culture is not a short term matter, we want this to be a ‘forever’ change. We are always keen to hear the views of our student and staff communities, and you’ll see the Provost Commission at a variety of engagement events across the Summer, including the upcoming Staff Festival.

You can share your views and ideas via the form below, or please do contact Rachel Winzer/Jen Fook, Business Managers to the Provost (Job Share) directly on 01392 725282 or

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Provost Commission

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