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Campaigns, Activities and Initiatives


Voices is a student-led campaign run through Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union, providing a platform for people whose voices might previously have been lost in the noise.

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Individuality Speaker Series

The University of Exeter believes that there is a need for a cultural shift at Exeter. Through this speaker series we want to bring in national and international inclusivity champions to interact with our community, to share global best practice but also to challenge the day-to-day conscious or unconscious bias we may exhibit as members of this community.

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The Intervention Initiative

The Intervention Initiative is a free resource with an educational toolkit to be used by universities and colleges for the prevention of sexual coercion and domestic abuse in university settings. It was created at UWE (University of the West of England) Bristol and funded by Public Health England.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team

Find out about our equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) vision, policies, guidance and support available through our dedicated EDI team.

Hate crimes

Incidents motivated by hostility on the basis of protected characteristics may be hate crimes which are reportable to the police.

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In 2014, the importance of raising awareness of sexual harassment on and around campus became an important issue for the student community here at Exeter. In the wake of issues of cat-calling, lad culture banter and similar incidents, the then elected Sabbatical team - Rachel Gillies, Kate Hawkins, Matthew Bate, Ben Street and Andy Hingham - understood how much of a problem this was becoming for students and the need to address and educate people on what constitutes sexual harassment and the need to call people out on such behaviour. Thus, Exeter’s #NeverOK campaign was born.

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