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More than food

The exhibition:

‘More than food’

More than food was a striking selection of photographs, designed to raise awareness and create debate around foodbank use, funded by the Creative Exchange.

The exhibition was a collaboration between the University’s Social Innovation Group, distinguished photojournalist Paddy Dowling, and local foodbanks. Reflecting on lived experiences of foodbank use, the images and stories illustrated the complex circumstances at play and the power of localised forms of care.

The exhibition was a creative exploration of the central organising concept of the Social Innovation Group’s existing EU funded projects: place based and person centred care.

The exhibition was on display in the ESI Creative Space from the 6th February to 16th March 2018. 

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The workshop:

What next for welfare and support in Cornwall? Sharing learning and building responses to welfare change.

The Creative Exchange has enabled members of the University of Exeter’s Social Innovation Group to facilitate a workshop focussed on the delivery of care within a context of profound change to the welfare system. Using photographs and narratives from the ‘More than Food’ exhibition, which reflects on issues around food bank use in Cornwall, this workshop built on existing partnership work through the ESF funded project Smart Tenant, bringing together partners from the charitable and voluntary sector, food banks, housing associations and academics to share learning. The aim of the workshop was to provoke reflections and discussions on the issues raised by this work in order to produce guidance and recommendations for enabling local organisations to adapt to these changes in the Cornish context.

For more information or to register, please contact Please note that places are limited so registration is required.