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Fabrication facilities

Thin film fabrication

Fabrication of nanostructured magnetic materials

Ultrathin magnetic films are deposited within an ultra high vacuum sputtering system, with 4 magnetron guns, and DC and RF power supplies. The system has a sample entry mechanism and computer-controlled substrate and shutter plate motion.


Micro- and Nano-fabrication

Focussed Ion Beam (FIB) and e-beam Nano-fabrication

The Nova 600 system from FEI is a dual-beam unit with capability to undertake ion-beam milling and electron-beam lithography, as well as standard scanning electron microscopy.

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Rapid prototyping

An Ultimaker S5 FDM-based 3D-printing system provides production of cm- and mm- sized photonic crystal and metamaterial designs for microwave experimentation with feature sizes down to 60 microns in z, and 100 microns in x and y. We also have use of further facilities that are part of Exeter Advanced Technologies.

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Clean rooms

We have two clean rooms covering a total of 150m2. These house lithography, etching, dicing and deposition systems for nanofabrication.

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