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IIB Essentials: Degree Apprenticeships



Personal Effectiveness


Professional Knowledge and Business Skills

About this course:

An introduction to the English Apprenticeship system with a particular focus on the levy, how Higher and Degree Apprenticeships work and the university?s approach.

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:.


Understand the English Apprenticeship system, the key players and the funding model..


Have insight into the university strategy in establishing Degree Apprenticeships..


Be able to consider whether an undergraduate or post-graduate Degree Apprenticeship might enhance your educational portfolio..


See how links with employers can operate through research, student employability and Degree Apprenticeships..


Engage in follow- up discussions / actions to propose and develop Degree Apprenticeships to deepen links to your sector..

Who should attend this course:

All Academic and Professional Staff who want to generate new funding and research opportunities by working with businesses and other organisations.


Adele Dawson, Senior Impact and Partnership Development Manager ? Education

Learning provider:

The Innovation, Impact and Business Essentials Series is administered by IIB.

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