Download document templates from our project management toolkit.


If you are starting a new project, Strategic Change would be happy to provide advice and guidance. We may also be able to put you in touch with people who are working on similar projects so that you can pool ideas and practices.

The team also delivers project management training, offering a wealth of tips and tools to assist you to plan and manage your project.

The documents in the following tables are designed to assist you to initiate, run and close your project. There is also a section on procurement, but you are advised to visit the Procurement Services website in the first instance for further information on the procurement of goods and services.

For an overview of the review process and associated documents, please visit the reviews page.

Document toolkit

Project initiation  
Document template Description Guidance notes Completed example
Project checklist A useful checklist of actions to be completed when starting, running and closing a project. See notes tab in the template. n/a

Project Charter - Word version

Project Charter - powerpoint version

Sometimes called a project definition, this is a high level statement of the scope, objectives, critical success factors and key stakeholders for a project. Each of the areas in the charter are covered in more detail in other documents. See notes in the template.

SharePoint DM Project Charter

Example Small Project

Stakeholder analysis The identification of individuals or groups that are likely to affect or be affected by the project. These are analysed according to their impact on the project or the impact of the project on them. MindGenius, a mind mapping program for organising ideas, can be used for the analysis before the stakeholder document is completed (see an example stakeholder map). Stakeholder and communications guidelines  
Proposal form Normally required as the initial document submitted to the Information Systems Groups (ISGs) when seeking funding, but best practice for all projects. Proposal form guidelines SPDA and Student Timetables proposal
(Project  Initiation Document)
Required when funding has been received and the project initiation needs to be progressed. To be approved firstly by the Project Board and then by the relevant ISG and Project Coordination Group, to ensure that the proposed project or development has been properly defined. PID Guidelines  
Communications plan The communications plan serves as a guide to the communication and sponsorship efforts throughout the duration of the project. It is a working document and is updated periodically as audience's needs change. It explains how to convey the right message, from the right communicator, to the right audience, through the right channel, at the right time. Stakeholder and communications guidelines  
Mini communications plan Useful for minor issues when a full communications plan is not required. See notes in the template.  


Project procurement
Document template Description Guidance notes  Completed example 
For further information on procurement, please visit the Procurement Services website. It has a number of key tender documents that can be downloaded from the web. You may also find the following documents useful that have been developed within the Change Team:
Procurement Checklist Information and a useful checklist of actions to be completed when following a procurement exercise n/a n/a
References questionnaire To be sent out to the referees that the supplier has listed in their tender document. Insert your own introductory text and contact details into the document. n/a
Supplier presentation briefing To be sent to the supplier to outline the format and agenda for their presentation to the University of Exeter. Insert the text relevant for your project as appropriate. n/a
Supplier presentation assessment For completion by an internal University of Exeter audience during or after supplier presentations. n/a n/a
There is also a section on procurement in the project checklist which can be found in the "Project initiation" table above.


Running a project
Document template Description Guidance notes Completed example 
Good Project Governance Guide Guidance on structuring, and running a Project Board. n/a n/a
Project Board TOR Standard document for the Project Board Terms of Reference (TOR). This will be submitted for approval to the first meeting of the Project Board. Complete the membership table. n/a
Risks and issues log The risks and issues associated with the project. One of the Project Manager’s main tasks is to try to ensure that risks do not turn into issues. These must be reviewed and re-assessed frequently, with actions and owners assigned to minimise the impact. Risks and issues guidelines n/a
Project Update Report Used when a update is required to be communicated. See notes in the template. n/a
Project Board Update Template A Powerpoint template which can be used as a means of updating your project board on progress and key risks and issues. See notes in the template n/a
Change request form Required when there is a change from the original planned project in terms of timescale, scope, budget, resources or anything else detailed in the Project Initiation Document. The change request form needs to be submitted to the Project Board for approval. See notes in the template. n/a
There is also a section on running a project in the project checklist which can be found in the "Project initiation" table above.



Closing a project
Document template Description Guidance notes Completed example
Acceptance into Operational Service (AiOS) document Acceptance into Operational Service (AiOS) is an important part of the release management process under the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) service management principles for IT systems. Whether or not it is a necessary step depends entirely on the nature of the project or development. For further information and to download the document template, please visit the Release Management page within the Exeter IT web area. n/a n/a
End of Project Report   Required at the end of the project. To include lessons learned during the project. See notes in the template. Forum Retail end of project report 
Handover Report   Required if the project is to be handed over to the department for completion. To include forecast financial and staff resources and a project plan through to completion.  See notes in the template. Epos Handover Report 
There is also a section on closing a project in the project checklist which can be found in the "Project initiation" table above.

More tools for your project toolkit

Process Modeling. Process modeling software allows you to create a graphical representation of business process information which provides a very effective way of presenting it to stakeholders. Here is an example process model being used to support the design development of the Postgraduate Applicant Portal. BizAgi process modeling software is free to download and use.

Project Planning. We are often asked if the is a project planning tool that can be used if you don't have Microsoft Project. Here is a free to use Excel spreadsheet template that will help you plan your projects.