Guidance for approval of unpaid leave

Where individuals have requested a period of unpaid leave, it should be approved by senior management, who will take account of the operational needs of the area. Ordinarily individuals will be expected to have exhausted their annual leave entitlement before a request to take unpaid leave will be approved (excluding unpaid Emergency Leave, please see policy for further information).

Is the individual's contract of employment affected?

Unpaid leave does not suspend the contract of employment, so unless otherwise agreed, the employee’s annual leave entitlement in that year will apply and they will continue to accrue service with the University.

Are pension arrangements affected?

The individual should be made aware that unpaid leave can affect their pension benefits should they be an active member of one of the University pension schemes. Arrangements can be made, subject to the agreement of the University, to ensure that any unpaid leave does not affect the pension benefits. Any arrangements should be agreed and in place before the period of unpaid leave commences.

Contact Human Resources

The authorising manager should inform their HR contact prior to the period of leave being taken so that salary adjustments can be processed in a timely manner.