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Redeployment procedure

This procedure applies to:

  • employees that have two or more years' continuous service on the  intended date of dismissal (or for fixed term employees will have completed two or more years' service on the expiry of the fixed term contract) who have been given formal notice of redundancy; and
  • employees who are being considered for redeployment as a reasonable adjustment in accordance with the disability provisions of the Equality Act.

Whilst an employee is defined as a redeployee, they will be considered for any vacancies that arise within the University for which they submit a formal application. The redeployee should submit their application no later than the advertised closing date. If it is then agreed by the Recruitment Team and the Recruiting Manager that the position offers a job match then the employee should receive priority consideration in accordance with this procedure.

Employees who are redeployees

If you are a redeployee under this procedure, you are responsible for:

  • regularly reviewing the University’s vacancy website to identify vacancies within the University for which they may be suitable;
  • applying for suitable vacancies at the earliest opportunity;
  • considering reasonable changes in working arrangements, pay and responsibilities;
  • preparing for interviews;

Managers of employees who are redeployees

If you are the manager of a redeployee under this procedure, you are responsible for:

  • providing appropriate support to redeployees;
  • providing references;
  • approving time off for interviews.

If you are a recruiting manager and have had a request to consider a redeployee for your vacancy, you are responsible for:

  • responding positively to requests to consider redeployees for vacancies;
  • considering applications from redeployees against the essential criteria for the position (taking advice from Human Resources);
  • wherever practicable, where a potential job match exists, interviewing redeployees at the earliest opportunity and before consideration of other candidates;
  • in the priority interview, assessing redeployees against the essential requirements for the position as detailed in the job description and person specification;
  • providing feedback to redeployees who do not meet the essential criteria for the role or who are unsuccessful at interview;
  • determining suitability during a trial period.

If the Recruitment Team / Recruiting Manager believe that a potential job match exists then the redeployee will be given a priority interview for that position before other applicants are considered. There may be instances when it is not practical for a redeployee to attend a priority interview - e.g. in the case of maternity leave. In these circumstances alternative arrangements may be agreed (in consultation with the employee and the recruiting manager) to assess the employee's suitability.

(Note: Since interview dates are generally fixed in advance around the diaries of busy managers, it may not be possible to arrange an interview for redeployees before other candidates are interviewed or on a separate day. Recruiting Managers are encouraged, wherever practicable, to interview redeployees at the earliest opportunity and before considering and making decisions about offering the role to other candidates. Priority consideration with be given to redeployees in accordance with the paragraphs below.)

Unless the selection panel can demonstrate that the redeployee does not possess the necessary competence by matching the essential criteria for the position then they will be offered the position, subject to a trial period.

If the redeployee demonstrates an aptitude and capability for the type of work in the priority interview but lacks some necessary skill or knowledge specific to the particular position then an assessment will be made by the recruitment panel to establish whether retraining could be offered.

If there are a number of employees seeking redeployment under this procedure who are identified at the shortlisting stage as potentially matching the essential criteria, all should be interviewed in competition with one another. In such a situation, the employee who best matches the selection criteria and requirements of the role will be offered the position if they are deemed to be appointable, subject to a trial period.

The Redeployment Procedure is intended to support redeployees to obtain a suitable alternative appointment at their substantive grade or, where there is a job match, one grade lower. Where an employee is redeployed to a lower graded job, the University may provide protection in accordance with its pay protection policy.

Employees who are offered redeployment will be given a 4 week trial period in the new position during which progress will be subject to regular reviews. Subject to performance, and with the agreement of both parties, the appointment will be confirmed at the end of this trial period. In exceptional circumstances, and with the agreement of both parties, the trial period may be extended for a further 8 weeks (to a total maximum of 12 weeks). Any extension for the purpose of a training requirement must be agreed in writing before the trial period begins.

Note: For staff who do not have the right to work in the United Kingdom, redeployment to another position with the University will be subject to the terms of their work permit/Certificate of Sponsorship and the requirements of UK Visas and Immigration.