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Researcher Development : Developing Effective Networks for Research Projects



Education and Research


Education and Research This activity is for staff on R and E&R only contracts - grades E-G.

This session will be DELIVERED VIRTUALLY - joining instructions will be provided beforehand.

About this course:

Building networks is a complex process, requiring planning and patience, but the potential rewards are huge.

While some networks never get beyond the stage of a mailing list of contacts, a thriving and purposeful network can achieve significant progress and create ideas or actions that would never have been possible alone.

This training will explore the core components of a functioning network, and how to create a space where others feel connected, engaged, and incentivised to contribute.

Using social capital theory, the training will outline an approach which looks at the different types of connections within a network, and how each one can be cultivated, as well as the key characteristics needed: shared understanding, reciprocity, and trust.

Using this model, networks can be built and maintained with purpose, and become thriving examples of the power of collaboration.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to understand and implement ideas to support the following:.

- Growing your network - how to bring new members in, create a critical mass, and define clear roles for new members to take on.

- Network evaluation - how to monitor and map your network, and communicate the potential impact held in the connections it creates.

- Networks across difference - how to build interdisciplinary networks, and create value from different perspectives and experiences.

Who should attend this course:

Early Career Researchers who are responsible for, or interested in, building and maintaining effective networks within research projects.


Peter Lefort, Green Futures Network, University of Exeter.

What previous participants have said about the course:

"Thank you so much for organising the session today.

It was incredibly useful at our stage of network development.

I came away with concrete ideas of how to expand the network and what we need to do to consolidate an operational structure.

It helped me see what a network entails, and the kinds of questions we need to be asking ourselves already.

Thank you for delivering the session in such a clear, accessible and engaging way".

Before the course:

No preparation is required for this course.

A joining link will be provided beforehand.

Learning provider:

This course is administered by Researcher Development; please contact for more details.

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You will be expected you to attend for the whole session and for ease of administration, attendance registers will be taken at the end of each session.

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30/01/2024 Delivered Virtually 10:00 11:30 Free Peter Lefort 25

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