Web Accessibility Initiative
W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative produces the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and is a source of many useful resources on accessibility issues

University guidelines on accessible web design

This guide to web accessibility is for all University staff who publish pages on the University website. It also provides guidance on the standards to be included in any brief to external web designers commissioned by University staff to build and maintain websites for any part of the University.

In this guide, we aim to:

  • explain our accessibility obligations
  • introduce general web accessibility issues
  • provide practical advice to staff on achieving the necessary standards.

The many staff around the University who work on web pages have widely varying levels of knowledge about html/xhtml and stylesheet code and some of the more technical aspects of accessibility. Many more staff are now involved in publishing and maintaining web pages through the University's content management system than was the case in 2008, when the redesigned website was launched. The content management system is specifically designed for people to use without needing to learn html. Some of what is outlined here may require a familiarity with some of the technical aspects of web page design, but we also include important principles that are helpful for all website editors and developers to understand, regardless of the level of their technical expertise.

If you need any assistance or have any concerns about web accessibility, please contact Sarah Williams of the Web Team, who will be happy to advise you.

Web accessibility standards have been built into the corporate web template, and the guidelines are aimed at helping staff to maintain those standards. The University’s Accessibility Statement outlines the standards and accessibility features built into the web template. This guide expands on those standards, explains how to maintain them in Site Manager and includes methods for checking that your pages comply with the standards.