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Students as Change Agents

Students as Change Agents

Students as Change Agents and Partners is the University’s philosophy and pathway for empowering students to actively improve the University experience for themselves and their peers through a project-based approach. There are two main routes to becoming involved in a project; applying for one of our internships or setting up your own project.

Students’ involvement in a Change Agents project can take different forms, but fundamentally students must take a leading role in the direction and management of a project. The project can make use of one or more students in a partnership-based role with other staff leaders, or students can lead the project by themselves.

Students working on Change Agents projects are supported to deliver effective and measurable change, and become part of a community of sharing practice in student-led enhancement. Students receive support and access to training to better develop and demonstrate their ability in a range of valuable personal skills such as leadership, teamwork and project management.

Any student-led or student-staff projects taking place across the University should be registered with us so we can support, recognise, and share the impact of this work. These pages contain further information about getting started. 

We are currently recruiting students to help us lead on 6 internship projects, the deadline for applications is Monday 27th May. For more information, see the current projects page or check out the advert on Handshake

Please see the current projects and funding pages for more information and guidance.