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You can count the hours on your project towards the Exeter Award, where you can also access training in relevant personal and professional skills.

If you have already completed the Exeter Award, you can develop your skills further and more specifically within Leadership and Management through the Exeter Leaders Award, using your Change Agents project experience as your case study. 

Current Projects

Current Projects

Current Projects

Internship Projects 2023

Our internship projects running from spring 2023 are investigating student-led ideas in three key themes. You can read about each of these themes in the pull-down menus below. Once the projects begin their work and have drafted a clearer picture of what they wish to achieve by summer 2023, this page will be expanded with further details about the projects. 

Student engagement and community is key to fostering a positive university experience. Understanding different experiences students have will move the university forwards in a positive direction. Projects in this area might facilitate student connections and community or evaluate feedback mechanisms so we can be more effective in acting on feedback

We are always looking for ways to improve academic support for students. We currently have a significant project underway considering different elements of academic assessments and how we can better support effective student learning and respond to feedback. You might be involved taking forwards strands of this project or scoping out other projects in relation to academic support such as academic tutoring. 

Understanding support available, where to find this and accessing information quickly and easily has been identified as a priority for the student experience. Working in this area you might help with the communication and branding of key pieces of work to ensure they are easily accessible and helpful for students.  

Funding Opportunities for Students 2023

In addition to our three internship projects, we also have an open fund available to student co-created proposals for projects against one of the themes above. 

The window for submitting proposals is now open, and will close at 5pm on Friday 24th March. Please use the link to our registration form on the right panel of this page to submit a project proposal. 

 Projects are able to bid for up to a maximum of £2,000, which should be used to reimburse student hours worked towards the project. Further guidance about how to structure your project and write your proposal application accordingly is available on our funding page