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You can count the hours on your project towards the Exeter Award, where you can also access training in relevant personal and professional skills.

If you have already completed the Exeter Award, you can develop your skills further and more specifically within Leadership and Management through the Exeter Leaders Award, using your Change Agents project experience as your case study. 

Get Involved

What counts as a project?

Change Agents and Partners projects are those which seek to change and improve the student experience, or the service that the University provides to students. To get an idea of how broad this remit is, take a look at listings of projects currently running with us, and case studies of past projects. 

Students’ involvement in a Change Agents project can take different forms, but fundamentally students must take a leading role in the direction and management of a project. The project can make use of one or more students in a partnership-based role with other staff leaders, or students can lead a project by themselves, or be delegated greater control by staff partners. 

Internship Projects

We are currently offering three paid term-time internship projects which involve promoting community and engagement, the university's approach to student communication, and improving academic support. Recruitment for interns onto these three projects for spring 2023 is now complete, but in the coming weeks, you will be able to read about what these projects are working towards on our current projects page

Setting Up Your Own Project

Students who have project proposals they wish to run by themselves can register with us directly, using the link on the right hand side of this page.

Further Information

If you are a member of staff thinking about student-led improvements, you should think critically about how you are involving students, and how to give students as much active and direct control of the change as is practical. This makes your work eligible to be registered with Change Agents, but also embodies the Exeter ethos of genuine student-led change. 

If you have any questions about whether your project is eligible, or for staff, how to involve students more directly in your project, please contact us. 

Contacting us and next steps

Applying for funding

If you already have an project proposal ready to submit to us, you should complete our online application form. If you are unsuccessful in securing funding with us during this process, we will support in seeking funding from elsewhere, or you can continue to run your project without funding where the student leads provide their time on a voluntary basis.

Contact information

If you have any questions about Change Agents, or require any help or clarification on completing any stage of your workflow, please contact us on 

We also welcome correspondence from staff who would like to make better use of Change Agents projects in their department or College, but are not sure how to go about this. 

Students as Change Agents and all registered projects are administered and supported by the Student Community and Partnerships Team in Quality and Standards, TQAE.