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iExeter privacy policy

iExeter makes services and information available to students of the University of Exeter and any use is subject to the IT regulations and policies, even if you are using your own equipment and irrespective of the method of connectivity.

Your data

iExeter uses data from your University records to deliver personalised services based on your discipline, place or year of study. It also, if enabled, uses your location to provide mapping, transport and check-in services and, if enabled, provides messaging. Specific sections use your data in the following ways:

  • Timetable displays your personal, scheduled lectures, classes and exam activities
  • Digital check-in records your presence in a timetabled teaching room in a secure attendance database so you can digitally check in to a lecture, seminar or other teaching activity
  • SRS displays your registration status, and passes you through to the student record system
  • Maps, Free space, PC finder, Transport and Food & retail sections all use your current location to deliver personalised information or services
  • SID uses your existing support calls to display their status
  • Bin days requires you to enter (and have stored on your phone) your address details, so these can be matched with scheduled refuse/recycling collections
  • Email, Student module evaluation, My Course, My files, My library and Career zone all pass you through to a central University system.

Full information about your rights and how the University of Exeter may use your information are available on the data protection and privacy policy pages on the University of Exeter website.


As you use iExeter, basic statistics are gathered so the University can understand how the platform is used. This includes clicks/menu choices, timestamps and device type. This data is not used to profile individual users unless the data is used as part of a feature such as My progress, in which case your active consent is needed.

Links to external services

Some sections of iExeter may link out to external websites or services. Providing a link does not mean that the University approves of the content, service or its provider, and the University is not responsible for any external content or service.