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As digital becomes increasingly integral to how we live our lives, the cultural sector is uniquely placed to harness the opportunities it offers to grow audiences and extend its reach. Audiences no longer want to feel that they are merely the receivers of information; they want to be co-creators of the story. Rather than an add-on to arts and heritage experiences, digital must be embedded right at the start of the planning stage. By fully engaging with digital capabilities, institutions and organisations can share their collections and archives worldwide; reach new audiences and collaborators; and create economic resilience and sustainability in a rapidly changing landscape.

In 2017, the University of Exeter opened its new Digital Humanities lab – a £1.2m research space that enables the examination, preservation and analysis of historical, literary and visual material. The new facilities confirm the University’s position at the forefront of international research into historical and cultural artefacts.

The Culture Innovation Consultancy team includes researchers and practitioners embedded in the global Digital Humanities community, with experience not only in the implementation of the latest digital technology but who have been instrumental in designing digital strategies across the sector. Whether you want to upskill your employees in the use of cutting-edge kit, hire our space and equipment, or discuss your data management needs, the team can help you to lead the digital revolution.

Our team provides expertise on:

  • Archive and collection management
  • Digital resilience training
  • Digitization and RTI
  • Photo lab space and equipment hire
  • 2D and 3D imaging
  • Geospatial technologies
  • Data management
  • Text encoding and digital enhancement