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Innovation in the Heritage sector

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Culture Innovation Consultancy

The University of Exeter is rated among the top 100 Higher Education Institutions for the study of arts and humanities in the world, and is one of the UK’s leading centres for research and teaching across a diverse range of subjects, reflecting all aspects of human experience, culture and creativity through disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches.

The Culture Innovation Consultancy service enables us to share our wealth of world-class knowledge with your organisation, and to provide you with the tools to realise your ambitions. We draw our team of experts from multiple disciplines and colleges, with academics and knowledge economy specialists providing consultancy to clients nationally and internationally, for public and private organisations, businesses, large-scale institutions and regional initiatives. As an exceptional research institution, we support the UK’s creative sector to be innovative, collaborative and international.

Culture Innovation Consultancy at Exeter provides services in these capability areas:

  • Evaluation and impact
  • Arts and heritage interpretation
  • Business strategy and governance
  • Mentoring and training
  • Sector mapping and data analysis
  • Conservation management plans
  • Digitisation solutions and facilities
  • Investment strategies
  • Creative producing
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Health and wellbeing strategies