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The University is committed to the protection of freedom of speech and academic freedom, alongside a duty of care for the welfare of our staff, students and visitors. Free and open debate on what are often controversial topics is encouraged, with respectful challenge. Our policies for the booking of speakers and events reflect this and confirm our commitment to allow events to go ahead providing that they are within the law.

All events booked by individual students or student groups must be risk assessed (including assessment of any speakers involved), as must all external speakers invited by staff or via commercial bookings. The risk assessment approval process differs by area due to operational differences, and this is set out within the speakers and events policy and processes listed below. The Office for Students (OfS) requires an annual statutory report detailing the number of speakers hosted and the number of documented risk assessments reviewed at the highest level. This report is statistical only, and does not include any personal data. Data may be reviewed internally by the University for assurance that the policy and related procedures are being adhered to. If you have any questions with regard to this policy, please contact Prevent@exeter.ac.uk.

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