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External Engagement and Global Division

I am delighted to have been appointed as the Executive Divisional Director of External Engagement and Global at an exciting team in Exeter’s journey.  Strategy 2030 provides a great opportunity to focus and maximise our reputation while creating new and innovative ways to work.

I am looking forward to leading the Division through the drive to transform Exeter into a truly global powerhouse, offering life-changing opportunities to students from around the world, engaging partners and stakeholders in our shared endeavours and energising our exceptional community of alumni to help us to create a sustainable, healthy and socially just future.

Alicia O'Grady, Executive Director, External Engagement and Global Division

Headed by Alicia O'Grady, External Engagement and Global co-locates the teams that enhance the University’s reputation, help to build effective stakeholder relationships, and attract and develop students with the potential to excel.

The division focuses on the vision to become a truly global institution, by extending the University’s presence, reach and impact around the world.

External Engagement and Global comprises of the following elements: