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 Enya Novakova

Enya Novakova

Corporate Partnership Officer



Enya is an accomplished international project manager and consultant with an expansive interdisciplinary skill set and extensive experience spanning the public and private sectors.

She lead various international research projects, specializing on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. She has vast experience in Social Return on Investment (SROI), evaluation, monitoring, and compliance.

Enya brings experience in managing students and regional extracurricular activities,  creative sector expertise, and entrepreneurial skills from running her own consultancy.


Enya currently supports the Corporate Partnership team, drawing on her extensive background in research project management and extracurricular coordination. Her expertise in monitoring, evaluation, and SROI methodologies enhances the team's capacity to assess and maximize the impact of corporate partnerships. Enya's multidisciplinary experience positions her as a valuable asset in fostering strategic collaborations and driving organizational growth.

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