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Exeter Innovation division services

Exeter Innovation provides support, guidance and navigation to academics across the University of Exeter in Business Engagement and Innovation activities. Detailed guidance can be accessed through the Ideas Hub which is a new resource from Exeter Innovation where academics can find information and help to develop and their research with businesses, governments, charities, and other non-academic partners.

Helping you to develop impact

We can help you:

  • Scope the potential of  impact case studies
  • Identify and link up with partners
  • Engage with external sector specialist to help shape projects and grow opportunities
  • Support the development of impact plans for important bids
  • Help you access funding for impact development through access to translational funds such as  Impact Accelerator, Accounts  and our own Open Innovation Fund.

Work with our specialist sector teams  to help you to develop world-leading research impact.

Helping you to connect with partners

We can help you:

  • Gain market intelligence on needs and trends in particular sectors
  • Organise and run sector networks and workshops to get to know businesses and partners
  • Identify and manage key partner contacts (we manage the University’s partner contacts database)
  • Manage strategic programmes to develop long-lasting benefits with major corporate, government and NGO partners
  • Engage regional regional policymakers, communities, partners,  and projects
  • Identify and link with international business partners
  • Find like-minded academic partners across the University

Helping you to create opportunities

We can help you:

  • Bid for direct research funds from industry and government
  • Develop business collaborations to leverage UKRI/ EU bids
  • Prepare for tenders for Government and business funding opportunities
  • Assess the commercial value of new opportunities
  • Build opportunities for employability with key business partners e.g. placements, course lecturing etc
  • Structure relationships through for example, MOUs and Collaboration Agreements
  • Negotiate deals with partners
  • Develop education business partnerships such as degree apprenticeships, partnered degree programmes and CPD

Helping you to generate value

We can help you: