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 Helen Rance

Helen Rance

Impact and Partnership Development Manager - Metamaterials

 Not Known

 Innovation Centre Phase 2 


Innovation Centre Phase 2, University of Exeter,  Rennes Drive,  Exeter,  EX4 4RN, UK


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Journal articles

Constant TJ, Taphouse TS, Rance HJ, Kitson SC, Hibbins AP, Sambles JR (2012). Surface plasmons on zig-zag gratings. Optics Express, 20(21), 23921-23926.  Author URL.
Rance HJ, Constant TJ, Hibbins AP, Sambles JR (2012). Surface waves at microwave frequencies excited on a zigzag metasurface. Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 86(12). Abstract.
Rance HJ, Hooper IR, Hibbins AP, Roy Sambles J (2011). Structurally dictated anisotropic designer surface plasmons. Applied Physics Letters, 99(18). Abstract.
Rance HJ, Hamilton OK, Sambles JR, Hibbins AP (2009). Phase resonances on metal gratings of identical, equally spaced alternately tapered slits. APPL PHYS LETT, 95(4). Abstract.  Author URL.

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