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Dr Maria Azini

Dr Maria Azini

Impact and Partnership Development Manager - Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing

 Innovation Centre Phase 2 


Innovation Centre Phase 2, University of Exeter,  Rennes Drive,  Exeter,  EX4 4RN, UK


Maria is the Impact and Partnership Development Manager for Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing with focus in (but not limited to):

• Materials: polymers, composites, auxetics, graphene, manufacture, recycling/CE.

• Vibration Engineering & Simulators

• Manufacturing: advanced manufacturing systems/technologies, operations and supply chain management, engineering management, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

• Photonics

My role involves:

• Supporting business engagement and impact development

• Research collaboration with industry and government partners

• Relationships with key partners including corporate partners 

• Other forms of income generation from businesses and other external partners

Maria has a PhD in Physics and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath. The main focus of her research was the development of optical methods that involved interferometry and the fabrication of hollow core fibres, in order to improve the accuracy of state-of-the art metrology systems. 

After finishing her PhD, she worked as part of the Proteus Group at the University of Bath. The group developed an endoscopic fibre-based medical device called “Panoptes”.

Following this, she worked for Dyson UK as a Compliance and Approvals Regulatory Specialist, for Dyson’s new product categories. 

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