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Minimum notice and cancellation periods

Minimum Notice periods help us to secure and confirm your booking (all essential details must be supplied by the minimum notice period or your booking cannot be secured).

Requests are handled on a first come first served basis and are dependent on available staff resources (maximum booking limits are in place).

Consideration of cancellation notice allows us to reallocate staff and equipment resources. Your help in achieving this is appreciated.

VIP booking:

  • For high profile/VIP events additional notice should be given to allow adequate time to plan and gather all requirements pre-event.
  • Where resources are reallocated to an urgent VIP request, pre-secured bookings may be subsequently adjusted by AV Support you will be notified of any changes, every effort to minimise impact and to consider alternative solutions will be taken.

Notice and cancellation periods:

Service Request - AV Technician Assistance Only

Minimum Notice RequiredCancellation Notice Required
AV Technician Assistance – Core Service Hours 3 working days 1 working day
AV Technician Assistance – Extended Hours 5 working days 4 working days *
AV Technician Assistance – Weekends 10 working days 5 working days
AV Technician Assistance – Bank Holidays / University Closure Days 20 working days 10 working days


Service Request - Service & Equipment Support RequestsMinimum Notice RequiredCancellation Notice Required
Video Conference - Inter-campus (Penryn, St Lukes, Streatham & RILD) 3 working days 1 working day
Video Conference - National 5 working days 2 working days *
Video Conference - International 12 working days 2 working days *
Digital Media Request 5 working days 1 working day
Mobile Equipment Loans 3 working days 1 working day
AV Equipment Demos 5 working days 1 working day
Bespoke Requests Request dependent Request dependent

* Please note that pre-tests for Video Conferences (National or International) which are required out of service hours will be charged at appropriate 'AV Technician Assistance' rates.