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Audio visual services

The AV Support Team provide AV support for the daily operation and room attributes of teaching, learning and study spaces including PC cluster rooms at our Exeter campuses.

The AV Support Team run teaching room AV demos on request, contact the Exeter IT Helpdesk These can be on a one to one, small group or targeted (e.g. departmental groups) as required. For bespoke sessions you will need to discuss your requirements and allow time for the session to be planned.

Recap is the University of Exeter lecture capture system. The AV Support Team maintain the in-room Recap recorders installed in teaching rooms that captures camera, microphone and your presentation content. Please go to the Recap webpage for more information and FAQs.

For guidance on using AV systems in teaching rooms including the in-room Recap recorder, AV Support produce various help sheets and video guides.

We have various media conversion facilities and can transfer most types of physical media to digital files. We can also advise you on preparing media content for online use, including advising on file formats. All requests for conversion are subject to observance of relevant copyright laws.

Please Note: You must provide your own media to hold the converted files. Advice on types can be given on request.

Mobile equipment will only be offered if no rooms with suitable attributes are available to you.

Mobile AV equipment is available for use in centrally managed rooms or to support University events (eg Open Days, Fresher’s Week etc), and must not be taken off campus. Please note that stocks of mobile equipment are limited and priority goes to teaching bookings.

Responsibility for the security of mobile devices sits with the room user until it is back in the safekeeping of AV Support. Any issues will be highlighted with you and a charge may be incurred.

Please request this service via IT Help Desk.

You can book any of the following:

  • Wireless Presenter (not available for teaching)
  • Flipchart stand (paper and pens not provided)
  • Visualiser
  • Connection Leads (due to the wide range of personal devices on the market our stocks are limited)
Voting handsets

Our Turning Point handsets offer solutions to capturing audience responses to questions and polls.

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AV technician support

Our AV technicians can support you either remotely or in person.

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Video conferencing

Our technicians support on-campus, inter-campus, national and international video conferencing.

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