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Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

Many members of our community have asked what they can do to help support those who are suffering because of this conflict. It can be difficult to know what to do from such a great distance, so as a small step we've collated some information on the local and national opportunities to provide support.

Government organisations are generally asking for the UK not to send clothes, and perishable food or medicine as they are concerned that if a large amount of those items are donated a lot will be rejected or goods will perish. As the preference is for cash donations via reputable registered charities and coordinated crisis relief groups which we have listed below.

  • UNICEF is working across eastern Ukraine to scale up life-saving programmes for children. This includes "trucking safe water to conflict-affected areas; prepositioning health, hygiene and emergency education supplies as close as possible to communities near the line of contact; and working with municipalities to ensure there is immediate help for children and families in need". Donate here.
  • The UN Refugee Agency is "working with the authorities, UN and other partners in Ukraine and is ready to provide humanitarian assistance wherever necessary and possible". Donate here.
  • Sunflower Of Peace is a local charity gathering medical supplies for paramedics and doctors on the front lines. Donate here.
  • United Help Ukraine is a charity focused on providing humanitarian aid to those in need, as well as raising awareness of the conflict.

If you would like to donate physical goods, a suggested list of suggested non-perishable items includes the below. However we suggest you check with the drop-off point you are going to, to double check if there are specific items they would/would not like before donating:

  • Baby bottles (new only), nappies, wipes, Baby food, baby dry milk, baby wipes + @Za Rogiem they are also accepting colouring books and pencils and baby/toddler shoes
  • NATO first aid kit and First aid kits – bandages, plasters, painkillers, antiseptic creams, burn gels, paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin, micropore tape, wet wipes etc
  • Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, antiseptic wipes, disposable and fabric masks
  • Personal hygiene items, gloves, masks, toilet rolls, sanitary towels, adult nappies,
  • Camp tableware: Disposable cups/plates, thermal cups, can openers, flasks, bowls, cups, spoons, forks, knife, glasses.
  • Shelter equipment, Outdoor cooking equipment – camping stoves (without gas), thermal blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses/ carry mat
  • Food: Non-perishable food - instant food ( noodles, rice), energy bars, dry fruits, nuts, tin food, pasta, fast cooking grains ( couscous)
  • Torches, candles, lighters, batteries (in sealed packs)
  • Bottled water

Please make sure you check any deadlines for dropping off donations.

  1. Exeter, Bridgewater and Torquay: Maja Deli (a large chain of Polish-food shops) are willing to take donations of key supplies to the Polish / Ukrainian border on an ongoing basis in their empty lorries which regularly return to Poland. There are Maja Delis in Exeter, Bridgwater, and Torquay (see webpage for address - You can find out more by visiting their facebook:
  2. Torquay:  Punk Against War, Punk Emporium, 98 Union Street, Torquay,, and Molloy’s in St Marychurch, Torqua
  3. PISC CIC, Penryn: donations are being accepted at 2 Carclew West End, Penryn TR10 8HE between 9am and 2pm and 4pm and 8pm, Monday to Friday.
  4. Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union (SU) are collecting items to send to Ukraine. Please place any donations in the collection boxes in the SU space at Penryn Campus.  For a full list of what is needed see:

North Devon Council has collated some advice for those with friends and family in Ukraine, including:

  • If you are a resident with friends and family in Ukraine and need information or support about what is happening please contact the Ukrainian Embassy
  • For information on travel advice to and from Ukraine visit Gov.UK
  • If you have a child in a Devon school who is affected by the crisis, please talk to your child’s teachers about any concerns you have and support you would like the school to provide
  • Find immigration advice on temporary concessions for Ukrainian nationals applying to join a family route at
  • Pet owners are struggling to access professional care and advice for their pets at this desperate time so PawSquad are making their service free to those in Ukraine who need it. Their team of English-speaking vets are online now and ready to support you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Please remember to take care of yourself and to reach out for wellbeing support offered within the University which is available to students and staff.