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Doug Stokes co-edits special issue of International Affairs on the durability of the Liberal International Order

One of Europe's leading journals, International Affairs, launched its January 2018 special issue on the durability of the Liberal International Order with a public lecture on February 22nd. The special edition was edited by Exeter's Professor Doug Stokes, City's Inderjeet Parmar and Princeton's John Ikenberry and has already become the most popular edition in the Journal's history with wide coverage in international media. Professor Stokes said "The election of President Trump, the rise of new powers and tensions in the transatlantic relationship have placed great strain on the liberal world order that has formed the institutional framework for international relations since the end of World War 2. I am very pleased to have helped edit this important special issue that helps charts these issues and how we may navigate the changes and continuities we face now and in the future". 

You can watch the public lecture and round-table discussion here

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