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Postgraduate research students

The Centre has facilities for the supervision of MPhil and PhD Degrees by thesis, and applications from suitably qualified students are welcome. 


StudentSupervisor/sDissertation title/Keywords
Ezgi Kurtcu Prof. Doug Stokes and Dr. Martin Robson A Constructivist Analysis of British Public Diplomacy Practices in the Post-Brexit Era
Iqraa Bukhari  Dr Stephane Baele and Dr Weeda Mehran Pakistan
Sen Lin Professor Oliver James and Dr Andrei Zhirnov Does Trust in government Encourage or Impede Coproduction of Public Service?
Basak Erhan Cingir Prof Duncan Russel and Dr David Benson Knowledge use in the World Bank: How and why different types of knowledge are used to shape the World Bank’s Environmental Policy 
Riska Marlinda Darmanti   Professor Oliver James and Professor Lynne Oats  The exchange of information amongst tax authorities under the international framework and its implication for national tax policy. 
Roberto Baccarini  Dr. Dario CastiglioneProf. Alison Harcourt and Dr. Stephen Greasley  European Union - Institutional Structure - Federalism - Covid-19 Pandemic
Tarik Solmaz Dr Sergio Catignani and Dr Brieg Powel Changing character of warfare, hybrid warfare, grey-zone conflict and proxy warfare. 
Melis Kirtilli  Dr Alex Prichard and Professor Robert Lamb The Political Economy of Decentralised Anarchist Federalism.  
Farahnaz Karim Dr Gregorio Bettiza and Dr Stephane Baele The West’ seen by ‘The Other’:The Diachronic Discursive Construction of Identity in Iranian and Saudi Schoolbooks 
Yazid Benhadda Dr Irene Fernandez-Molina and Dr Brieg Powel A Colonial Genealogy of EU Foreign Policy Discourse: Security and the Image of Danger in the Maghreb 
He Yong Professor David Lewis and Professor John Heathershaw  Illiberal statebuilding; China-Africa; spatial theory; infrastructures
Larissa Abou Harb  Dr Klejda Mulaj and Dr Brieg Powel Comparative Assessment of Repertoires of Contention in Lebanon and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jin Caice Professor David Lewis and Dr Catherine Owen International norm contestation and the promotion of the China model
Meriem Naili Dr Irene Fernandez-Molina and Dr Aurel Sari  Peacekeeping and International Human Rights Law: Interrogating United Nations Mechanisms Through a Study of the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara