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“Extreme Identities” (ExId)

Joint CAIS – Q-STEP project on far-right internet receives major grant

The “Extreme Identities” (ExId) research project, led by CAIS academic Stephane Baele and Q-Step co-director Travis Coan and involving a team of 9 researchers from 3 universities (Copenhagen, Trinity College Dublin, Exeter), will be funded by the European consortium NORFACE for 2.5 years.

Together, the team aims to map the thousands of websites and platforms constituting the far-right online ecosystem, and to use quantitative and computational methods to analyse its linguistic and visual content. In Exeter, this €1m+ funding allowed for the hiring of an excellent postdoctoral researcher, Elahe Naserianhanzaei.

More on the “Extreme Identities” (ExId) project webiste.

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