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About the Centre

About us

The Centre for Environmental Arts and Humanities brings together colleagues from across disciplines who are united by a common concern and challenge: the work of the arts and humanities in current debates around environment and sustainability, cultures and communities, narrative and representation in a warming world. CEAH joins a growing global network of students and scholars committed to, creating inclusive and supportive research and teaching/learning communities, and encouraging critical thinking and creative action in dealing with urgent climate and environmental problems.

We are committed to working collaboratively in response to the intractable challenges faced at local and global scales. We take seriously the fact that climate and ecological crises are experienced unequally and work together to develop decolonial, feminist, multi-species and queer approaches that prompt us to think the world otherwise. We acknowledge the complexity of negotiating climate and ecological crises and seek to understand the applications of language, narrative, and historical context in shaping cultural knowledges and values.

We work closely with scientists to rethink the relationships between disciplines and the ways knowledges of environmental and social change are created and understood. We gather around evidence and stories from historical, artistic, poetic, literary, political, scientific and technological sources, and work collaboratively to create interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary ways of working together.

Together we provide a range of expertise, experience and perspectives in reaching a critical understanding of the pasts, presents and futures of environmental and social challenges.