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Dr Lise Esther Herman research on 'Democratic Backsliding in Hungary':‌

Knowledge exchange

Professor Susan Banducci research on 'Impact of Digital Media on Polling':

Professor Susan Banducci on 'American Politics':

Dr Travis Coan research on 'Climate Change Escepticism':

Dr Elena Gadjanova research on 'Social Media, Electoral Politics and Democracy in Africa':

Professor Alison Harcourt research on 'Regulatory Change in Communications Markets and Europe':

Dr Amy McKay research on 'Interest Groups':

Dr Lamprini Rori research on 'Far right parties in Europe':

Dr Lamprini Rori research on 'Greek Politics': 

Dr Lamprini Rori research on 'The Demise of Social Democracy':

 Dr Darren Schreiber research on 'Biology and Politics':