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Giandomenico Majone Prize

The ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance has created the Giandomenico Majone Prize for papers presented at the biennial Regulatory Governance conference. The prize is in honour of Giandomenico Majone for his outstanding contribution for the study of regulatory governance in the European Union and well beyond it. This award recognizes outstanding research by scholars in early stages of their career in the field of regulatory governance from all relevant disciplinary backgrounds. The Prize is limited to scholars having completed their PhD no more than seven years before the deadline for submission. The prize will be given during the Eight Biennial Regulatory Governance Conference hosted online by the University of Exeter, 24-26 June 2021. The Prize Committee invites nominations from the panel chairs and the organizing committee of the conference. Papers may also be submitted for consideration directly by authors as long as they are taking part in the conference. Papers must be in English and should be selected among those presented for the Standing Group Conference. Published or already accepted papers in peer-reviewed journals are not eligible for the competition, and so are papers co-authored with senior scholars.

Details of past prize winners are at

The Standing Group invites now submissions and nominations to the 2021 Giandomenico Majone Prize competition. The closing date for submissions and nominations is Friday 4th June 2021. Electronic submissions only via email: