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Dr Sandra Kröger

Director of the Centre for European Studies

European Union, European integration theory, Brexit, democratic theory, representation, civil society organisations


Dr David Benson


Environmental politics, policy and governance


Dr Dario Castiglione




Dr Sarah Cooper


Explores the legal-political regulation of gender issues from a UK and Europe wide perspective, with a particular concentration on healthcare and reproductive rights.



Mihail Danov


Competition Law, Competition Litigation, Private International Law

Professor Claire Dunlop


Comparative Public Policy, Epistemic Communities, Evidence-Based Policy, Impact Assessment, LGBT Policies, Knowledge Utilization, Policy Learning, Policy Failure, Regulation, Science and Public Policy, Theories of the Policy Process

Dr Catherine Dupré


Human dignity, human rights, Europe, constitutionalism, democracy, constitutional reform, constitution-drafting, Iceland

Professor Isabelle Engeli


Comparative Public Policy; Agenda Setting and Policy Process; Policy Design and Implementation; Gender+/Sexual+ Equality Policy; Morality Politics and Policy; Religion and Policy in Europe; Science, Biotechnology and Policy; Comparison in Public Policy.

Professor Alison Harcourt


Agenda setting, regulatory competition, soft governance, Europeanisation, policy convergence, internet governance, standard developing organisations, standards, digital rights, self-regulation, soft governance, transnational activism, lobbying, citizenship.


Dr Lise Esther Herman


Political Parties; Partisanship; Right-wing Populism; Democratic Theory; European Politics



Aidan Power


Dr Florian Stoeckel


Comparative politics, European politics, and political psychology


Dr Isabelle Rueda


Impact assessments, Private Law Harmonisation, Europeanization of Private Law, Comparative Law, Private International Law, Transnational Commercial Law




Dr Irene Fernandez-Molina


International relations of the Global South, foreign policy analysis, constructivism, conflicts, North Africa, EU foreign policy.

Professor Joasia Luzak


Consumer protection, Consumer behaviour, Online contracts, Sustainable consumption, Disclosure duties, Product liability and safety, Air passenger rights, Package travel, Misleading advertisements, Unfair contract terms, Platform economy

Professor Oliver James


Public policy including: citizen-state relations (especially participation in policy-making and implementation), evidence and evaluation in the policy process, public regulation, and digital technology and public services

Bice Maiguashca


National and global left politics, theory and practice of national and global feminisms, populism, social movement activism

Professor James Mark


History of c.20th globalization; anti-imperialism; transnational activism; race; whiteness; development. History of Communism in Eastern Europe, especially social, cultural and global approaches. Political and social memory; uses of the past. Oral history.

Michail Melidis




David Monciardini

Business School

Business regulation, Sustainability reporting, Circular economy, Innovation and value creation, Business and human rights,Sustainable finance

Dr Alice Moseley


Behavioural Public & Administration, Political Participation, Civic Engagement, Environmental Policy

Dr Ekaterina Kolpinskaya


Political representation; Religion, ethnicity and politics; Legislative studies; Quantitaitve methods 

Professor Duncan Russel


Public policy, environmental policy, climate policy, policy coordination, science-policy interations, policy appraisal

Sanja Vico


Tourya Guaaybess


Tourya Guaaybess received funding from the University of Lorraine for Tourya’s 6 month visit to the Centre of European Governance at Exeter University in 2021 working on communications policy in Mediterranean states.

Kübra Çağlar Hekimoğlu

June 2021 – December 2021 (this was postponed due to COVID)

Department of International Relations, Ataturk University

Monica Auteri

Jan - June 2020

Monica is currently Assistant Professor at the Università Degli Studi Roma. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from George Mason University and a Doctoral Degree in Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of Social Phenomena,  from the University of Rome “La Sapienza.” Her research interests are at the intersection of the fields of political economy, public choice, healthcare policy and the political economy of healthcare.

Libby Maman

March – June 2020

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Heath Pickering

June 2020 (on the C1-PAWS project)

Heath began his PhD in January 2019 at the Public Governance Institute. He previously worked as a political science researcher at the University of Melbourne. For his PhD project, Heath is examining the rise of political advisers as important third actors beween politics and administration, which by historical standards, is a recent phenomenon in the Westminster system. His case studies include Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. These countries, since the 1970s and 1980s, have seen consistent growth and influence of political staff.

Dr. Jörn Ege

Jörn Ege is a post-doctoral researcher at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer. His research addresses the autonomy of international bureaucracies. Honorary Research Fellow from December 2017 onwards.

D‌‌aria Gritsenko

Visiting researcher, February 2017

Daria Gritsenko is a postdoctoral fellow at the Aleksanteri Institute (University of Helsinki) and a partner at the Finnish Center of Excellence “Choices of Russian Modernization”.

‌‌Pierre Van Wolleghem

Visiting researcher, September 2015 - March 2016

Pierre Georges Van Wolleghem obtained a PhD in June 2017 at the Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan. Since 2012 he has been working for the ISMU Foundation.

Tamara Jovanovic

Visiting researcher, September - December 2012

Tamara Jovanovic was a PhD fellow at Roskilde University in Denmark, when she visited the CEG. She is now lecturer at Roskilde University. 

Christoph Ossege

Visiting researcher, September - December 2012

Christoph Ossege was a PhD student at BIGSSS, a joint Graduate School of Bremen University and Jacobs University when he visited the CEG. He now works at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

Esteban Arribas Reyes

Visiting Researcher, June - August 2012

Esteban Arribas is Lecturer in Politics at the University of Alcalá, where he teaches several courses, including Comparative Government and Politics, Public Policy Analysis and Media Policy Regulation.

Dolors Canals Ametller

Visiting Researcher, May-July 2012

Dolors Canals Ametler is currently a Senior Lecturer in Administrative Law in the Public Law Department at the University of Girona.

Auri Pakarinen

Visiting Researcher, April - July 2012

Auri Pakarinen was finishing her PhD at the University of Eastern Finland when she visited the CEG. More about her on her website.

Sandra Kröger

Marie Curie Fellow, September 2011 - September 2013

Sandra Kröger joined the politics department at Exeter as a Marie Curie fellow in September 2011. She is now senior lecturer and a member of the CEG.     

Rosa María Fernández Martín

Visiting Researcher, July - September 2011

a visiting researcher at the Tremough Campus of the University of Exeter, thanks to a research award obtained with the project titled “EU policies and climate change. Consequences. Comparative study between Spain and United Kingdom”. She is now a lecturer at the University of Chester.

Andrea Pritoni

Visiting Researcher, April - June 2011

Andrea Pritoni was a post-doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Political Sciences “Roberto Ruffilli” (University of Bologna at Forlì), when he visited the CEG. He is now a research fellow at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Florence.

Amie Kreppel

Visiting Researcher, November 2010

Amie Kreppel is a Jean Monnet Chair (ad personam) and serves as Director of the University of Florida’s Title VI funded Center for European Studies (CES) and the European Union funded Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science. 

Marie-Christine Fontana

Visiting Researcher, October 2009 - September 2010

Marie-Christine Fontana was a PhD student at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland when she visited the CEG. Her research focused on the impact of European integration on domestic policy-making processes in small consensual states, in particular on corporatist policy-making in Belgium and Switzerland.

Alessandro Natalini

Visiting Researcher, October 2009 - January 2010 & August 2010

Alessandro Natalini was Assistant Professor of Political Science at University Parthenope in Naples when he visited the CEG. He is now member of the Italian National Authority against Corruption.

Erica Melloni

Visiting Researcher, August - September 2009

Erica Melloni was a Ph.D candidate in the “Istituzioni, Amministrazioni e Politiche Regionali - IAPR” course held by the Universities of Pavia and Milan at the time she visited the CEG. She is now Director at the Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale in Milan.

Oliver Fritsch

Visiting Researcher, May - September 2009

Oliver Fritsch was a Ph.D. researcher at the University of Aarhus, Denmark at the time he visited the CEG. He is now part of the faculty of Environment, School of Geography at the University of Leeds.

Cristina Cullell March

Visiting Researcher, April - May 2009

Cristina Cullell March was a Ph.D. candidate at the International University of Catalonia, Spain when she visited the CEG. She is now researcher at the VUB's SMIT Research Centre.

Martino Maggetti

Visiting Researcher, 2007-2008

Martino Maggetti is an associate professor in political science at the Institute of Political, Historical and International Studies (IEPHI) of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. More about him on his website.