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Persian and Iranian Studies

Undergraduate and Postgraduate level

We offer a number of optional modules at Undergraduate and Masters level.

Examples below, we cannot guarantee these will run in all years.

ARA1020 Elementary Persian 2
ARA1021 Introduction to Persian History and Culture
ARA2151 Intermediate Persian II
ARA3144 Advanced Persian Language I
ARA3145 Advanced Persian Language II
ARA3146 Iranian History, 1500 - the Present

Postgraduate Research

To students pursuing study towards an MPhil or PhD, we offer supervision in the following areas:

  • Contemporary Iranian politics and international relations
  • Iranian history, particularly since 1700, but also earlier periods
  • Intellectual history of Safavid and Qajar Iran
  • Religion in Iran, from the Seljuk period to the present
  • Iranian Shi'ite political and legal thought
  • Shi'ite ritual and religion
  • Sufism in Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and India
  • Classical Persian literature
  • Modern Persian literature
  • The Persian novel
  • Civil Society in Iran
  • Ethnicity, nationalism and identity

See our research page for more detail.